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An effort to port the Haskell library conduit to Frege.


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An effort to port the Haskell library conduit- to Frege.

Please see the excellent writeup in the original repository for usage.

Table of Contents

How to build

This library is configured to depend on frege-3.25.42. Unfortunately, the artifact is not published to public repositories such as Maven Central. Thus, you have to manually install one into your local repository.

If you are using Linux and SBT, create a temporary directory first and download the release:

$ mkdir ~/tmp
$ cd    ~/tmp
$ curl -LO

Then, initialize a temporary SBT project by creating build.sbt with the following content:

// run "sbt publishLocal" to install into ~/.ivy2/local
organization := "org.frege-lang"
name := "frege"
version := "3.25.42"
autoScalaLibrary := false
crossPaths := false
packageBin in Compile := file("frege3.25.42.jar")

And project/


When done, install the jar into ~/.ivy/local:

$ sbt publishLocal

Once finished, remove the temporary directory (if desired) and go back to the frege-conduit directory, and run:

$ sbt compile

Using frege-conduit as a dependency

There are two ways to use frege-conduit as a dependency:

1. Clone the source tree as a subproject

This method trades build time for better compatibility. If you wish to use the other version of Frege, this is the way to go.

TODO howto

2. Install frege-conduit into the local repository

First checkout a release you wish to use (omit this if you are going to use a snapshot):

$ git checkout 0.3.4

Install frege-conduit into your local repository (again omit 'set version ...' if you use a snapshot):

$ sbt 'set version := "0.3.4"' publishLocal

Then, you can use frege-conduit in your library by adding this to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "xyz.denshi_no_yamaoku" % "frege-conduit" % "0.3.4"


An effort to port the Haskell library conduit to Frege.







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