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A proof-of-concept implementation of C++'s jthread for Rust.

The main difference is that instead of using std::stop_callback, StopToken implements std::future::Future. This is enough to make syscalls like read(2) cancellable, while maintaining a synchronous API.

use jthread;

// Note: this is synchronous, blocking code.
fn main() {
    let reader = jthread::spawn(|stop_token| {
        let mut stdin = jthread::io::stdin();

        // `stop_token` allows to break free from a blocking read call
        while let Ok(line) = stdin.read_line(&stop_token) {
            let line = line.unwrap();
            println!("> {:?}", line)
        println!("exiting") // this will be printed to the screen

    drop(reader); // cancels and joins the reader thread

Internally, read_line uses poll to select between reading from the file descriptor and the cancelled notification.

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