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Map of crossing for blind or visually impaired

3D map of single crossing may be an useful aid during teaching blind people how to move through city.

In this case map is made in a laser cutter from by cutting and engraving plywood and later gluing pieces together to make a map.

This repository contains code for generating SVG files that can be used to make such map.



This project is using rather OSM ecosystem than OSM data as it is almost certain that shape of road and footway surfaces is not yet mapped for crossing that is interesting for you.

But existing editors (especially Vespucci and JOSM) will make data collection much easier that it would be with starting new project from scratch.

OSM data

Processing data.

Code in this repository downloads and processes from OpenStreetMap areas tagged with building=* and area:highway=* tags.

It gives SVG files as an output.

CO2 laser

Laser cuts and engraves plywood pieces as instructed by generated SVG files.


Now it is time for painting cut pieces (in colours suitable for visually impaired, according to my consultation black for roads and yellow for footways, with zebra pattern for crossings is likely to be a good fit).

After that map is ready for final assembly by gluing cut pieces.


Currently this software is a work in progress. Not even a single map was made so far, but first prototype should be ready in a near future :)

Improving documentation

Please create a new issue if current instructions are insufficient, wrong or can be in some way improved. Especially if you want to use code published here!

I know that documentation may be far better, but I am not sure what kind of additional documentation would be most useful.

Similar projects

See main readme file of this project for listing of similar projects - code allowing to burn, drill, engrave, etch etc maps into wood or other materials.