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This reposistory provides the source files for the icons in matomo and the scripts used to resize them to a common size.


An icon is missing or you have a better one? Create a new issue or, even better, open a pull request. You can find a up-to-date list of all improvable icons on Travis.

All source files except those in devices, flags, searchEngines and socials need to have a second file called iconname.ext.source that mentions where the image is from.

Naming conventions

icon type example possible names
brand Apple Device detection in Matomo Administration page
browsers FF
devices smartphone Device detection in Matomo Administration page
flags at all except un and gb-*
os WIN
plugins flash

File Formats

Ideally all source files should be SVGs or high resolution (>100px) PNGs. As this is not always possible, JPGs, GIFs and (even multiresolution) ICOs are supported.