Plugin to let you connect to Matomo using HTTP Auth protocol instead of the standard Login mechanism
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Matomo LoginHttpAuth Plugin

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This plugin extends the standard Matomo authentication to use Basic HTTP Authentication. It lets you login to Matomo using the HTTP Auth mechanism.

How do I setup HTTP Auth using Matomo?

  • Login your Matomo as Super User. Click Settings, then click Marketplace.

  • Install the LoginHttpAuth plugin, then click Activate.

  • Click Settings, then click Users.

    • Check that there is a user in Matomo for each person that should have access to Matomo.
  • Enable HTTP Auth on the Matomo on your web server.

    For example, if you are using Apache webserver:

    • generate a .htpasswd file with your encrypted logins and passwords
    • copy this example .htaccess file in the root directory of Matomo, and set the path to your .htpasswd file
  • When you go to Matomo, you will see the Authentication window. Congratulations! You are now using HTTP Auth to protect Matomo.


GPL v3 or later