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Simple webpage with weahter informations.

Try it!

Go to: and that's it!

or you can install it at own server and customize.


  • current weather and temperature
  • forecast for next 12 hours, in landscape mode for 15 hours
  • sunrise and sunset
  • Moon phase


  • portrait and landscape mode
  • landscape mode on Paperwhite!! see configuration
  • configurable place, units, language
  • automatic night mode
  • tested on Kindle 3/4/5, Paperwhite 3, iPad Air, maybe works on other kindles and devices,

Weather and forecast source:

Icons source:

Dashboard on real devices

How to install

  1. clone or download repository
  2. set your location and others in config.js
  3. upload to your server, or simply create local (e.g with php: php -S -t .)
  4. disable screensaver on your Kindle:
  • press search button (or keyboard button on Kindle 4) on homescreen and type: ;debugOn and press enter on keyboard
  • press search button (or keyboard button on Kindle 4) again and type: ~disableScreensaver and press enter on keyboard. (On kindle Paperwhite type: ~ds
  1. launch your browser and go to url of your server
  2. Dashboard don't need connection to your server (you can shutdown local server now) Dashboard calls api directly.


with config.js

create config.js file from config.js.sample and set variables:

  • api_locParams - query parameters to set location (e.g. lat=50&lon=14, or q=Paris)
  • api_appId - set your API KEY (appId) from
  • api_lang - output language (e.g. en)
  • api_units - units (e.g. metric, imperial)
  • or you can set all parameters with api_params varialble (e.g. q=Prague&appid=YOUR_API_KEY&lang=sk&units=metric
  • rotation - set rotation (on Kindle Paperwhite) ll for left landscape, lr for right landscape and up for upside down
  • night_mode - auto - by sunrise and sunset, on - always on, HH-HH (22-06) interval from-to, off or null for disabling.
  • refreshTime - refresh rate in miliseconds (default is 30 minutes)
  • utcOffset - custom UTC offset. (Because kindle doesn't report correct local time. You may need to change the value after winter/summer time changed)

See more: and

with url query parameters

  • appId sets the appId
  • city sets city, (e.g. city=Paris)
  • lat, lon sets location (e.g. lat=50&lon=14)
  • lang and units for lang and units :)
  • rotation sets the rotation :)
  • utcOffset sets utc offset


  • Dashboard for Prague, metrics slovak language: http://YOUR_URL/?city=Prague&lang=sk&units=metric&appId=YOUR_API_KEY
  • Dashboard for given gps, metric, default language: https://YOUR_URL/?lat=50&lon=14&units=metric&appId=YOUR_API_KEY


Kindle 4

Kindle 4 screenshot

Kindle Paperwhite 3

Kindle Paperwhite 3 screenshot

Real devices

Dashboard on real devices


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