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PerkTreeUI Bring repo up to date
amb Armor mod builder changes
fmo break it down update, FMO update
mp added russian translation
npcg Bring repo up to date
smash fix default setting
AT - Armor Mod Builder v1.5.pas renamed file to v1.5
AT - Break it Down v1.0.pas CCOR and Break it Down
AT - CCOR Compatibility Script v1.0.pas CCOR Fix
AT - NPC Generator v1.8.pas Updates
AT - NPC Transmogrifier v1.1.pas NPC Transmogrifier update
AT - PerkTreeUI v1.3.pas Fixed PerkTreeUI regional issues
AT - QuickChange v2.5.pas committing previous changes to trunk
AT - QuickDisplay v1.5.pas QuickChange, QuickDisplay, FormList Exporter
AT - Re-Balancer v1.0.pas **IMPORTANT** Pass by reference fix!
AT - Re-Evaluator v1.0.pas Automation Tools v1.5 release
AT - Renamer v1.1.pas Automation Tools v1.5 release
AT - Replace FormID v1.3.pas Automation Tools v1.5 release
AT - Virtual Broom v1.1.pas committing previous changes to trunk
FMO Script v3.0.pas fmo update
FMO Sorting Script v3.0.pas fmo sorting script small update
GameToMod Importer v1.0.2.pas see previous commit
Mator Smash v0.9.pas fix bug with smashing into existing patch
Merge plugins v1.9.pas added russian translation
Merged plugin manager v1.2.pas Fix smart removal
PowerList Script v0.1.pas Committing powerlist script
mteFunctions.pas accidentally reverted vars on mgeev
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