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blender based random procedural object generation for bullet grasping
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procedural generation of objects for bullet grasping


generate .obj files

we generate and export .obj files within blender

start blender under this directory

open blender console (ctrl-alt-w, shift-f4) and run generation script

f = ""
generate_n_objects(n=10, output_dir="objs")

run convex decomposition

exported .objs are concave only so need to run a convex decomposition on meshes. bullet includes vhacd so use that, though this might be possible to do directly from blender as part of the obj export?

# make vhacd tool under bullet
mkdir ~/dev; cd ~/dev
git clone
cd bullet3

run vhacd on all exported .obj files to make a corresponding .vhacd.obj file.

.obj are used for visual mesh, .vhacd.obj are used for collision.

./ objs

create urdfs

to load objects into bullet we need to generate .urdf files. use the bullet example data/cube.udf as a template

./ objs
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