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follower cluster

using infochimps wordbag api can i cluster the people i follow on twitter?

get friends and stick that into ./get_words_for_friends.rb which injects into mongo
$ ./get_words_for_friends.rb mat_kelcey INFOCHIMPS_APIKEY

for my 142 friends there is mostly no overlap with terms
of the 10,000 pairings there are only 3100 cases where there is at least one item in common
the max overlap is 15 items, median 0, mean 0.4 :(

running tokens through a snowball stemmer ( improves a fraction...
max of 17 with mean of 0.6

so without even worrying about a similiarity metric what about just seeing who has any overlapping tokens?

run over and cluster ppl with
$ ./cluster.rb | sort -nr > similiarities.tsv
$ cat similiarities.tsv | head -n 35 | ./dotify.rb | circo -Tpng > top35.png

--- irbness
irb$ require 'rubygems';require 'mongo';'localhost',12300);users=mongo.db('wordbag')['users']

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