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Building mpl on OSX has proven to be a nightmare because of all the
different types of zlib, png and freetype that may be on your system.
The recommended and supported way to build is to use the make.osx file
in this directory. This script requires you to set a PREFIX
environment variable where you want the install to go. It will
fetch the dependencies from a remote server and install them into your
PREFIX dir, and then build mpl against them. It should ignore any
lib, png or freetype on your system
Example usage::
make -f make.osx PREFIX=/Users/jdhunter/dev PYVERSION=2.6 \
fetch deps mpl_install_std
PREFIX (required): where to install the dependencies
PYVERSION (optional): which python version to use
(default=python, e.g. PYVERSION=2.6 uses python2.6)
clean: remove compiled files
fetch: download dependencies
deps: build all dependencies (zlib, png, freetype)
mpl_build: compile matplotlib
mpl_install: install matplotlib in $PREFIX/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages
mpl_install_std: install matplotlib in standard site-packages directory
mpl_install_egg: install matplotlib as an egg
mpl_install_develop: set up egg link to working directory (for developers)
binaries: create the dmg file for distribution
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