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doc: in pcolormesh docstring, say what it does.
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@@ -7221,6 +7221,16 @@ def pcolormesh(self, *args, **kwargs):
pcolormesh(X, Y, C)
pcolormesh(C, **kwargs)
+ Create a pseudocolor plot of a 2-D array.
+ pcolormesh is similar to :func:`~matplotlib.pyplot.pcolor`,
+ but uses a different mechanism and returns a different
+ object; pcolor returns a
+ :class:`~matplotlib.collections.PolyCollection` but pcolormesh
+ returns a
+ :class:`~matplotlib.collections.QuadMesh`. It is much faster,
+ so it is almost always preferred for large arrays.
*C* may be a masked array, but *X* and *Y* may not. Masked
array support is implemented via *cmap* and *norm*; in
contrast, :func:`~matplotlib.pyplot.pcolor` simply does not

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