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ones, make sure the new files included in the match patterns in
:file:``, and/or in `package_data` in ``.
+C/C++ extensions
+* Extensions may be written in C or C++.
+* Code style should conform to PEP7 (understanding that PEP7 doesn't
+ address C++, but most of its admonitions still apply).
+* Interfacing with Python may be done either with the raw Python/C API
+ or Cython. Use of PyCXX is discouraged for new code.
+* Python/C interface code should be kept separate from the core C/C++
+ code. The interface code should be named `FOO_wrap.cpp`.
+* Header file documentation (aka docstrings) should be in Numpydoc
+ format. We don't plan on using automated tools for these
+ docstrings, and the Numpydoc format is well understood in the
+ scientific Python community.
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