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Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5555 from anntzer/formlayout-short-float-repr

    tacaswell committed
    ENH: Use shorter float repr in figure options dialog.
  2. @mdboom

    Merge pull request #5552 from tacaswell/DEP_contourset_vminmax

    mdboom committed
    Dep contourset vminmax
  3. @mdboom

    Merge pull request #5433 from tacaswell/enh_dashoffset

    mdboom committed
    ENH: pass dash_offset through to gc for Line2D
  4. @anntzer

    Use shorter float repr in figure options dialog.

    anntzer committed
    On Python3, native float repr is as short as possible.  Moreover, no precision
    is lost as {x,y}lims are already internally represented as numpy floats of the
    same size as the native floats.
    See #4839.
  5. @tacaswell

    TST: add test of dash offsets

    tacaswell committed
  6. @mdboom @tacaswell
  7. @mdboom @tacaswell
  8. @tacaswell

    ENH: pass dash_offset through to gc for Line2D

    tacaswell committed
    Previously, the user supplied offset to Line2D set_linestyle
    was silently discarded.  This commit makes the value to be passed
    through to the underlying GC on draw, but not all of the backends do
    anything with the offset (ex Agg does not).
  9. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5342 from anntzer/sort-and-uniquify-styles-in-fig…

    tacaswell committed
    ENH: Sort and uniquify style entries in figure options.
  10. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5484 from flothesof/patch-1

    tacaswell committed
    DOC: fix small typos in documentation
  11. @tacaswell
  12. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5547 from mdboom/collections-data-space

    tacaswell committed
    Fix #5545: Fix collection scale in data space
  13. @tacaswell

    DEP: remove vmin/vmax from ContourSet

    tacaswell committed
    These are unused public attributes which were flagged to be removed
    in 2012 in 9cba6fb by @efiring.
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @WeatherGod

    Merge pull request #5500 from mdboom/picking-patches

    WeatherGod committed
    Fix #5475: Support tolerance when picking patches
  2. @mdboom


    mdboom committed
  3. @mdboom
  4. @pelson

    Merge pull request #5501 from mdboom/axisbg

    pelson committed
    Use facecolor instead of axisbg/axis_bgcolor
  5. @mdboom

    Add test for deprecation warning

    mdboom committed
Commits on Nov 22, 2015
  1. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5544 from matplotlib/revert-5534-color-extensions

    tacaswell committed
    Revert "Fix #5524.  Use finfo.max instead of np.inf"
  2. @tacaswell
  3. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5146 from anntzer/figure-subplots

    tacaswell committed
    ENH: Move impl. of plt.subplots to Figure.add_subplots.
    close #5139
  4. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5534 from mdboom/color-extensions

    tacaswell committed
    Fix #5524. +/m eps instead of np.inf
  5. @jenshnielsen

    Merge pull request #5521 from mdboom/test-triage-tool

    jenshnielsen committed
    Add test triage tool
Commits on Nov 21, 2015
  1. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5537 from phobson/fix-test-function

    tacaswell committed
    FIX: for broken maplotlib.test function
  2. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5539 from anntzer/violin-return-value-docstring

    tacaswell committed
    DOC: Fix docstring of violin{,plot} for return value.
    closes #5497
  3. @anntzer
Commits on Nov 20, 2015
  1. @phobson

    removes extra plugin calls

    phobson committed
    When we gather the plugins, we go through two list comprehensions,
    but call them each time. So on the second pass, the plugins that
    were called the first time can't be called again. This change
    makes it so that all fo the plugins are called together in the
    second list comprehension.
  2. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5515 from mdboom/png-fishiness

    tacaswell committed
    Fix some theoretical problems with png reading
  3. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5526 from phobson/add-bxpparams-to-rctemplate

    tacaswell committed
    MNT: Add boxplot params to rctemplate
  4. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5533 from jeffrey-hokanson/master

    tacaswell committed
    Fixes #5522, bug in custom scale example
  5. @jeffrey-hokanson

    Fixing PEP8 compliance

    jeffrey-hokanson committed
  6. @mdboom

    Remove outdated comment

    mdboom committed
  7. @mdboom
  8. @mdboom

    Fix table formatting

    mdboom committed
  9. @mdboom

    Use vmin/vmax offset by eps

    mdboom committed
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