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Commits on Sep 1, 2015
  1. @mdboom

    Merge pull request #4887 from tacaswell/fix_mathtext_accents

    mdboom authored
    FIX: mathtext accents
  2. @WeatherGod

    Merge pull request #4995 from tacaswell/fix_animation

    WeatherGod authored
    animation fixes
  3. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #4972 from pwuertz/qt5_fixes_combined

    tacaswell authored
    MNT: Move agg draw to main thread and fix rubberband in Qt
  4. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5015 from spacelis/master

    tacaswell authored
    FIX: fontdict parameter to set_xticklabels/set_yticklabels
Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. @jenshnielsen

    Merge pull request #5009 from tacaswell/tst_bump_python35

    jenshnielsen authored
    TST: bump python 3.5 version to rc2
  2. @WeatherGod
Commits on Aug 30, 2015
  1. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #4807 from markusr815/master

    tacaswell authored
    BLD: let the user set a different pkg-config
  2. @sdementen

    Fix coding style

    sdementen authored
  3. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5010 from QuLogic/custom-axes-view-whatsnew

    tacaswell authored
    DOC: Add information on new views for custom Axes.
  4. @sdementen

    Fix code style issue

    sdementen authored
Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. @QuLogic
  2. @tacaswell

    TST: bump python 3.5 version to rc2

    tacaswell authored
     - bump 3.5 to rc2 (from b4)
     - make 3.5 a hard fail
  3. @sdementen

    fix #5007

    sdementen authored
  4. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #4994 from mdboom/syntax-error

    tacaswell authored
    Added a commit to white-list `test_texmanager`
  5. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #4686 from WeatherGod/stylecycler2

    tacaswell authored
    ENH: Property Cycling
    Cycle all artist properties, not just colors
  6. @tacaswell
  7. @tacaswell

    TST: update mathtext tests

    tacaswell authored
     - 01 (snowflake)
     - 05 (spacing)
     - 06 (spacing)
     - 20 (spacing)
     - 21 (spacing)
     - 37 (spacing)
     - 53 (spacing)
     - 54 (spacing)
     - 77 (snowflake testing)
  8. @zblz @tacaswell

    add dotplus and doteqdot to relation symbols

    zblz authored tacaswell committed
  9. @zblz @tacaswell

    set do_kern=True in spaced symbols

    zblz authored tacaswell committed
  10. @tacaswell

    TST: update test symbols

    tacaswell authored
    *Note this does not update the test image and still passes locally*
  11. @tacaswell

    FIX: mathtext accents

    tacaswell authored
    This is a follow up to #4588
    The change in ae91e9f fixed
    the symbols that started with accent names, but broke all of
    the other accents.
    This fixes both by special casing the 8 named symbols that start with
    an accent as a prefix.
    ex  '\doteq' should be parsed as a single symbol, not as as two symbols
    (e, q) with a dot over the e ('\dot{e}q')
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #5006 from xuanyuansen/patch-1

    tacaswell authored
    DOC: fix typo on example
    closes #5005
  2. @xuanyuansen

    fix bug

    xuanyuansen authored
    well, the columns here should be rows, as we want to give different colors by row index.
    there is no problem in this example, because the matrix here is 5*5.
    But if the length of rows is bigger than that of columns, it will raise Exception, such as, data[row], bar_width, bottom=y_offset, color=colors[row])
    IndexError: index 2 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 2
  3. @tacaswell
  4. @tacaswell

    MNT: Simplify logic about when to force animated

    tacaswell authored
    Only attempt to force `set_animated(True)` when blitting is
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @pwuertz
  2. @pwuertz
  3. @pwuertz
  4. @pelson

    Merge pull request #4795 from QuLogic/custom-axes-view

    pelson authored
    ENH: Add API to manage view state in custom Axes.
  5. @pelson

    Merge pull request #4924 from tacaswell/change_nbagg_styling

    pelson authored
    MNT: changed close button color and text
  6. @tacaswell
  7. @tacaswell
  8. @tacaswell

    MNT: be cautious about pulling from the bg_cache

    tacaswell authored
    There are race conditions where _blit_clear may be called before
    the first draw (which is what will grab the backgrounds)
  9. @tacaswell

    FIX: not all init/draw function return artists

    tacaswell authored
    For blitted animations in is essential to return a list of the animated
    artists.  However, is other cases you can get away with out returning
    such a list.
    In the case of blitting it is important to make sure that the animation
    flags on the animated artist are set correctly, t his commit makes sure
    that we check that we actually got an iterable before trying to iterate
    over it.
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