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Commits on May 27, 2015
  1. @jenshnielsen

    Merge pull request #4479 from wernerfb/PhoenixMay2015

    jenshnielsen authored
    Problems with mpl.pyplot
  2. @wernerfb
  3. @wernerfb

    pep8 correction

    wernerfb authored
  4. @wernerfb

    handle GetSizeTuple for Phoenix

    wernerfb authored
    use wx.Yield instead of WakeUpIdle
  5. @wernerfb
Commits on May 26, 2015
  1. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #4466 from has2k1/fix-offsetbox-clipping

    tacaswell authored
    ENH/API: Clipping for OffsetBoxes
  2. @has2k1

    Clipping for OffsetBoxes

    has2k1 authored
    - Child `Artists` of `DrawingArea` can now get clipped to the
      bounds of the parent
Commits on May 25, 2015
  1. @efiring

    Merge pull request #4091 from tacaswell/repl_hook

    efiring authored
    ENH : add function to add displayhook
  2. @tacaswell

    Merge pull request #4471 from anntzer/step-docstring

    tacaswell authored
    DOC: Minor improvements to the docstring of `step`.
  3. @anntzer
  4. @tacaswell
  5. @tacaswell
  6. @tacaswell
  7. @tacaswell

    MNT : remove non-boilerplate `draw_if_interactive`

    tacaswell authored
    There is still one `draw_if_interactive` left in the `rcdefaults`
    call as the current scheme does not track when rcparams change.
  8. @tacaswell

    MNT : remove draw_if_interactive from boilerplate

    tacaswell authored
    With the repl callback the pyplot function do not need to
    call `draw_if_interactive`.
  9. @tacaswell

    MNT : hackily make boilerplate PY3 compatable

    tacaswell authored
    Hide the python2 only code in a conditional
  10. @tacaswell
  11. @tacaswell
  12. @tacaswell
  13. @tacaswell
  14. @tacaswell

    FIX : logic for IPython hook registration

    tacaswell authored
    Only set the global _IP_REGISTERED if the registration succeeds, with
    the finally block it would be set if _both_ failed.
  15. @tacaswell

    ENH : integrate repl hook with is_interactive

    tacaswell authored
     - add calls to {un}install in plt.i{on, off}
     - registered functions consult `mpl.is_interactive`
       before triggering draws
  16. @tacaswell

    FIX : order of operation is Poly3DCollection init

    tacaswell authored
    Make sure parent class is `__init__`'d before trying to
    use a function that requires _stale attribute.
  17. @tacaswell
  18. @tacaswell
  19. @tacaswell

    MNT : add guards to only register repl hook once

    tacaswell authored
    Multiple calls to install_repl_displayhook are effectively no-ops.
  20. @tacaswell
  21. @tacaswell
  22. @tacaswell
  23. @tacaswell
  24. @tacaswell

    ENH : add stale flag to Axes.cla

    tacaswell authored
    Set stale after clearing (just to be safe)
  25. @tacaswell

    MNT : use draw_idle not draw in Gcf.draw_all

    tacaswell authored
    `draw_idle` has a better chance of not stepping on it's own
    toes and re-drawing multiple times in quick secession.
    I think this will also play nicer with the OSX backend?
  26. @tacaswell
  27. @tacaswell

    DOC : add whats new entry

    tacaswell authored
  28. @tacaswell

    MNT : remove stale flags from Axes.draw

    tacaswell authored
    The first pass at getting this to work put all of the logic to label
    artists as not stale in the Axes.draw method.  Now that all of the draw
    methods are marked up this is not needed.
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