Path collection filling/stroking logic is different from the usual in the pdf backend #1412

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In the pdf backend, draw_path_collection contains

    filled = len(facecolors)
    stroked = len(edgecolors)

so it fills if any fill color is specified, and strokes if any stroke color is specified. This is not the same logic as for other objects. Specifically, a linewidth of zero should cause the paths not to be stroked (because in pdf, a zero-width line is a line of some device-specific minimum width, whereas in agg a zero-width line is a line not drawn).

I think the code needs to make the filled/stroked decisions when creating the XObjects, so the current _iter_collection_raw_paths method is not quite sufficient.

mdboom commented Apr 12, 2013

I think #1860 fixes a lot of this. Do you agree? If so, maybe we should close this.


Yes, #1860 looks like essentially the same issue. Does it fix the specific problem with line width zero? (I can't test myself right now.)

Michael Droettboom wrote:

I think #1860 fixes a lot of this. Do you agree? If so, maybe we should close this.

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@dmcdougall dmcdougall was assigned Jun 16, 2013

Closing this as we have at least one other issue related to special casing zero-width lines in pdfs (#2910), it sounds like the bulk of this is already fixed, and this is over a year old.

@jkseppan Please re-open if you disagree.

@tacaswell tacaswell closed this Aug 17, 2014
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