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Undefined elements in axes module #1465

NelleV opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Dixit pyflakes, there are several undefined elements in the axes module:

  • The method Axes.__pick (line 3240) calls test, which isn't defined
  • The method Axes.dist (line 3221) calls Patch and Text which haven't been imported


Matplotlib Developers member

I've labelled these as bugs. It may be that there are no code paths to trigger them, in which case, we can just remove the code.

Thanks for raising @NelleV .


I still don't know what to do here: I tend to think that as the code does not work since 2006, we should probably remove it (less code to maintain is always a good thing).

Maybe @efiring, being the author of this code, can comment on this.

Matplotlib Developers member

Rip out the entire __pick() method. Everything down to the "### Labelling" comment. The sooner the better. I don't know how it survived so long--probably because is so huge that obsolete junk like this can hide in it for years.

I'm not actually the author of this; I come up with "blame" because of a fairly large reorganization of that I did long ago--basically shuffling things around so that I could find things.

@efiring efiring closed this in 4652560
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