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MacOSX backend blocks in IPython QtConsole #1492

minrk opened this Issue · 2 comments

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When plotting with the OS X backend (%pylab osx), the IPython qtconsole1 will hang while a plot window exists. This is indicative of a failure to actually enter interactive mode.

A trip through git bisect suggests that the bug was introduced in 2f11dee, ostensibly purely style changes. I didn't see anything obvious, but I cannot reproduce the issue with 76bba3d, and I can 100% of the time with 2f11dee and current master (17e1cf8).

The OS X backend works fine in terminal IPython (where inputhook events still fire), and the Qt backend works fine in the qtconsole.

This is OS X 10.8.2, with System Python 2.7.2, IPython master, etc.

1 qtconsole is not actually relevant, any IPython kernel-based app, such as ipython console or the notebook is affected.


Ah, I think I found it (by diffing an AST dump to scrub all of the meaningless style changes). Pull Request on its way...


Should be fixed by PR #1493.

@dopplershift dopplershift closed this issue from a commit
@minrk minrk check `ret is False` in Timer._on_timer
The docstring states:

> Functions can return False if they should not be called any more.

Cleanup commit 2f11dee changed this logic,
so any return value whose boolean interpretation is False (e.g. None)
would be unregistered.

fixes #1492
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