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Wrong __version__numpy__ #1542

torquil opened this Issue · 1 comment

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torquil Michael Droettboom

When I install matplotlib using "python build" and "python install --prefix=...", one of the first lines of output in both cases is:

numpy: 1.6.2

I also have numpy 1.4 (system-wide, I am not root) and numpy 1.6.2 (home folder) installed but it is the 1.6.2 version that is used by python since I have adjusted PYTHONPATH:

$ python

import numpy

This is the numpy version that I want to use. However, after installing matplotlib 1.2.0, I get

$ python

import matplotlib

Why is matplotlib not using my numpy 1.6.2, when python itself is using it, and matplotlib detected numpy 1.6.2 during the build and install?

Michael Droettboom

__version__numpy__ specifies the minimum version of numpy required by matplotlib, not the version of the currently installed numpy. To get that, as you show, use numpy.__version__.

Closing. Feel free to reopen if I misunderstood the question.

Michael Droettboom mdboom closed this
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