lena.png is indecent and needs to be removed #1580

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  • lena.png is indecent and has no place on the matplotlib webpage or in the sample data (see demo_annotation_box.py and image_demo3.py)
  • if that isn't reason enough to remove it, I'm guessing it is a copyrighted image and that permission has not been granted to use it
  • and let me add one more reason: I'm just plain tired of seeing it when I browse the gallery
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lena.png is indecent

In what way? Because of the source of the original image?

I'm just plain tired of seeing it when I browse the gallery

Sorry, but for me that is not enough of a reason. The Lenna image is a standard "test" image for many image processing libraries (example: http://scikit-image.org/docs/dev/auto_examples/plot_hog.html#example-plot-hog-py).

For more information see the wikipedia article on Lenna: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenna

I'm going to close this issue. If Lenna tires you so much then please feel free to submit a pull request which provides an alternative image which is at least partially recognisable in the image processing world.


@pelson pelson closed this Dec 10, 2012

Thanks for the education on standard images in image processing. I was not aware that that image is so important. However, I would think that most matplotlib users don't care about standard images and would rather not see an image with pornographic origins every time they browse the gallery.

I have submitted a pull request that provides an alternate image.

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