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mdehoon commented Dec 11, 2012

The demo scripts for annotations in examples/pylab_examples seem to draw a figure with the annotation labels in incorrect locations. The same problem appears in the Mac OS X backend, the gtkagg backend, and the PNG backend. Attached is an example from, showing the PNG generated by savefig("test.png"). The label locations do not seem correct.


pelson commented Dec 11, 2012

Very odd.

I think your referring to This works for me on master with the TkAgg and Agg backends (I presume this is the png backend you mean?).

Is this on OSX and built with master?


mdboom commented Dec 11, 2012

Are you doing anything additional to the example (i.e. zooming in?) The axis scales suggest not to me, but I'm unable to reproduce this as well, so I'm not sure what might be going wrong.


mdehoon commented Dec 12, 2012

Indeed I meant the Agg backend; at least it looks like Agg is used to create the png file. But I am getting the same error with the PDF backend. If I add these lines to the top of

import matplotlib
from matplotlib.pyplot import savefig

and this line instead of the show() at the end of the script:


then the test.pdf file shows the same problem. I did not make any other changes to the script.
This is on Mac OS X, built from master.

I have seen the same bug a week or two ago with the Cairo backend, but I didn't investigate further at the time.


pelson commented Dec 28, 2012

Closed by #1620 it would seem.

pelson closed this Dec 28, 2012

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