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Documentation style suggestion #1776

hitalex opened this Issue · 4 comments

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If a module or a class contains many (member)functions, it is very hard to find a certain function on the documentation page. If I am going to find a function name, I use ctrl+f on Chrome, and threre are too many mathes.
For example, the pyplot module:
I would suggest that there should be a function and class index on the right of the page, so one can scan through them very quickly.


Thanks for the suggestion @hitalex.

@NelleV has just had a pull request merged which adds numpydoc style formatting to our class documentation (#1665). The screenshot suggests that the new documentation will have a summary of all the methods (documented and undocumented) at the beginning of the class definition. Is that the kind of thing you had in mind?


To @pelson ,
Thanks for replying me so quickly.
The screenshot that @NelleV has provided looks much more prettier than I thought. I just prefer a summary of all the member functions and classes.


@hitalex -- since MEP10 is underway, which should address this, and in the interests of keeping the issue tracker clean, I'm going to close this bug as a duplicate, but feel free to reopen if you think somehow MEP10 (once completed) would not address your concern. Thanks for the feedback!

@mdboom mdboom closed this

Yes! This is exactly the feedback that keeps open source projects healthy. Thank you very much, @hitalex.

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