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In my recent builds of the html documentation (sphynx 1.1.3, numpydoc 0.4) I have
noticed 2 issues (And thanks to @NelleV online builds, I know that I am at
least not the only one):

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Added to the 1.3 blocker milestone. We should either fix or close before cutting v1.3.

@NelleV NelleV added a commit to NelleV/matplotlib that referenced this issue Apr 22, 2013
@NelleV NelleV DOC - two modules link appeared in the documentation
ref #1837

Thanks for reporting these problems.

I've investigated the next-previous link problem without success so far. I think we may have stumbled upon either a sphinx issue or a numpydoc issue.


@NelleV : Thanks for the feedback !

By any chance, did you try adding numpydoc_show_class_members = False in ?
Seems it did help, at least in this case:
phn/pytpm#3 (comment)

(Should also solve #1896 - it works on my computer but not with current master as I am for the moment unable to build from the last source : a new windows issue.)


@GBillotey works for me (I haven't checked it got rid of the warnings). Do you want to do the PR?

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works for me (I haven't checked it got rid of the warnings). Do you want to do the PR?

Funny, I've just found this solution independently. Lets go for it - it removes thousands of warnings!

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Thanks! I had meant to look into this myself, but pleasantly pleased to find a solution has already been found!

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Just to confirm before I close this: @NelleV, @pelson: #1918 resolves this bug?


Yes, but unfortunately we have a whole bunch of other problems on our hand (but that aren't roadblocks for the release IMO)

@mdboom mdboom closed this May 3, 2013
@thomasfillon thomasfillon added a commit to Parisson/TimeSide that referenced this issue Jan 16, 2015
@thomasfillon thomasfillon Doc: Clean-up
- Remove path to sample wavfile
- Restore default parameters for *html_domain_indices* . The previous command was preventing np-modindex to appear as a second module index. This seems to be covered by 'numpydoc_show_class_members = False'. (See matplotlib/matplotlib#1837/)
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