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vMeijin commented May 6, 2013

I am new here and I dont know if this is the right place, but I found a slight misbehave, when creating a custom markerstyle. If you plot something, eg:

pyplot.plot([0,0], [1,1], markersize=5, marker=[[0,0], [0,1], [1, 1], [1,0]) # marker is a square with size 1

The marker has the same size as marker='s', but is not centered. If you use

pyplot.plot([0,0], [1,1], markersize=5, marker=[[-0.5,-0.5], [-0.5,0.5], [0.5,0.5]], [0.5,-0.5]) # still square of size 1

the resulting marker is centered but twice the size. The problem is the the function MarkerStyle._set_custom_marker in

def _set_custom_marker(self, path):
    verts = path.vertices
    rescale = max(np.max(np.abs(verts[:,0])), np.max(np.abs(verts[:,1])))
    self._transform = Affine2D().scale(1.0 / rescale)
    self._path = path

It rescales the given vertices, but considers only the max xy values, which results in twice. the size A solution could be to change the rescale factor to:

x, y = verts[:,0], verts[:,1]
rescale = max(abs(np.max(x) - np.min(x)), abs(np.max(y) - np.min(y)))


pelson commented May 8, 2013

Hi @vMeijin,

It doesn't seem to say it anywhere, but I think your marker should be in the range [-1, 1] - or at least, looking at your code, centred about 0 in both x and y. The nearest I could find to documentation was here. There is also an example in the gallery which makes use of this range (it creates a unit circle).

Does that answer your question?

If so, given what you now know, do you think the documentation could be improved? The documentation for this part of matplotlib can be found and we would really value any contribution to make it better.


vMeijin commented May 8, 2013

I tried it with markers in range [-1, 1]. They are still twice the size of the normal markers. The problem is this line

rescale = max(np.max(np.abs(verts[:,0])), np.max(np.abs(verts[:,1])))

It only considers the absolute max of the x/y (which would be 1 in this case) for rescale. Here is a small example which shows the difference:

from matplotlib import pyplot
import numpy
pyplot.plot([0, 1, 2], [0, 1, 2], marker="s", markersize=20)
pyplot.plot([0, 1, 2 ], [1, 2, 3], marker=numpy.array([[-1, -1], [-1, 1], [1, 1], [1, -1]]), markersize=20)

dmcdougall commented Jun 19, 2013

@vMeijin Here's the plot output of your example.


I'm in agreement with @vMeijin here. I think they should be the same size.

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