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AutoDateLocator interval bug #2081

senyai opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Let me start with the code:

from datetime import datetime
from matplotlib.dates import AutoDateLocator as ADL, _UTC as UTC
dmin = datetime(2013, 1, 8, 14, 5, tzinfo=UTC())
dmax = datetime(2013, 5, 28, 14, 5, tzinfo=UTC())
# ADL().get_locator(dmin, dmax)

from matplotlib import pyplot

x = [dmin, dmax]
y = [1, 2]
pyplot.plot(x, y)

When you run it, you will see that date axis is too full. I'm not sure what is the best solution to this issue, but after removing interval = 1 in AutoDateLocator.get_locator after comment that says "# We went through the whole loop without breaking, default to 1", all my charts looked pretty well.
(matplotlib 1.2.1)


This appears to be fixed in master. We are making a 1.3.0 release candidate this week, so the fix should be available quite soon.

@mdboom mdboom closed this

Probably #1925. :wink:

Thanks for reporting though @senyai


This appears to be fixed in master.

Actually, I've made the situation better, but it's not entirely fixed (there is a warning and the biggest value, 14, is now chosen). To fix this fully we should add a 21 day interval to That is something we can do comfortably for v1.3.x.

@pelson pelson reopened this

PR incoming.


Oh. perfect. Finally AutoDateLocator has tests :smile:
I hope I won't get warnings with my sane interval :+1:


#2083 fixes. Thanks @senyai

EDIT: Reference the correct issue that fixes this

@pelson pelson closed this
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