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Hi! Please, add this feature. My diff in looks quite simple:

--- /home/sh/Downloads/matplotlib-1.3.1/lib/matplotlib/ 2013-10-10 16:42:48.000000000 +0400
+++ matplotlib/  2013-10-23 16:52:11.793788510 +0400
@@ -5307,7 +5307,7 @@
     def pie(self, x, explode=None, labels=None, colors=None,
             autopct=None, pctdistance=0.6, shadow=False,
-            labeldistance=1.1, startangle=None, radius=None):
+            labeldistance=1.1, startangle=None, radius=None, counterclock=True):
         Plot a pie chart.
@@ -5420,12 +5420,12 @@
         i = 0
         for frac, label, expl in cbook.safezip(x, labels, explode):
             x, y = center
-            theta2 = theta1 + frac
+            theta2 = theta1 + frac if counterclock else theta1 - frac
             thetam = 2 * math.pi * 0.5 * (theta1 + theta2)
             x += expl * math.cos(thetam)
             y += expl * math.sin(thetam)
-            w = mpatches.Wedge((x, y), radius, 360. * theta1, 360. * theta2,
+            w = mpatches.Wedge((x, y), radius, 360. * min(theta1, theta2), 360. * max(theta1, theta2),
                       facecolor=colors[i % len(colors)])
mdboom commented Oct 23, 2013

Can you add a regression test and a what's new entry?


I think yes, if you give me a link to some tutorial. I am novice here and don't know what type of regression test you want, and what and where write about what's new (do you mean just add new input parameter in function comment?)

Back compatibility seems obvious, if counterclock is True, new code works just like old one.


@fat-crocodile Have you been able to work in this? It would be nice to get this into 1.4.0.


Your english is too good for me, sorry, I can not understand precisely what are you asking for.

This code works good in my project, diff looks quite simple. If I shall do something to help you include this code in 1.4.0, tell me please what shall I do.


Do you know how to use git/github well enough to create a pull request?

There is a file in the documentation folder whats_new.rst which should have a description of this change added. For the test, basically copy one of the existing image tests.

If you can please make a pull request. If not then I will take care of this.


Closing this in favor of the open PR (#2853)

@tacaswell tacaswell closed this Mar 8, 2014
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