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ENH: More included norms, especially a symlog like norm #632

Tillsten opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Till Stensitzki endolith Phil Elson
Till Stensitzki

At the moment only two easy usable norms are available: the standard norm and the LogNorm.
More different normalization would be a nice and easy way to modifiy the colormap useage.


(In #875 it was discussed to add a symmetric norm for diverging colormaps. See the comment by @pelson , for instance #875 (comment) )

Phil Elson

The code for the symmetric norm is available here:

Its standalone in that file, and it would be great to get it into mpl. Unfortunately I am pretty tight for time for the next couple of weeks so wont be able to turn this into a PR. Feel free to do so if you wish.


Also @efiring was working on a vmid argument that would create a symmetric norm

Till Stensitzki Tillsten closed this
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