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Add a printer button to the navigation toolbar #670

nilswagner01 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It would be nice if a printer button is available within the navigation toolbar.


I understand the desire, but I strongly oppose the idea. It is just one more complexity to add to mpl--figuring out how to handle printing for all possible operating systems. I think this should be the responsibility of the user. Save to a file in the format of your choice, and then use your operating system and applications to print that file.


A customization of the navigation toolbar is possible. I have used the qt4 backend.
However the quality of the print-out is poor using QPrinter. Moreover the frame including the navigation toolbar is printed.
How can I omit that ? How can I improve the quality of the hardcopy.
Any hint would be appreciated. I can provide the source code if needed.

@nilswagner01 nilswagner01 reopened this

The code is available at


I think this is a wont-fix for the reasons @efiring suggests. There are just too many variables to make this generally useful.

@pelson pelson closed this
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