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While investigating #7774, I noticed one other issue. When used with images, the locator tick_values method returns limits outside of the image bounds.


>>> data = np.arange(100).reshape(10, 10)
>>> fig, ax = plt.subplots()
>>> ax.imshow(data)
>>> x0, x1 = ax.dataLim.intervalx
>>> print(x0, x1)
-0.5 9.5

Those are the the correct image bounds because integer indices represent the center of pixels. However, this is puzzling:

>>> xlocator = ax.xaxis.get_major_locator()
>>> xlocator.tick_values(x0, x1)
array([ -2.,   0.,   2.,   4.,   6.,   8.,  10.])

>>> xlocator.view_limits(x0, x1)
array([ -2.,  10.])

I assume this is because it is trying to include the "values" -0.5 and 9.5, but the tick values -2 and 10 don't make much sense since they are outside of the image bounds. I would have expected array([ 0., 2., 4., 6., 8.]), which is what is actually plotted.

efiring commented Jan 9, 2017

tick_values overshoots because it is used in autoscaling. Depending on whether "round number" limits are requested, ticks beyond the data range may be needed. When they aren't, they are discarded.

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