Polar Overhaul

Updated Jan 22, 2017

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Migrate to `pytest`

Updated Jan 22, 2017

In general we're migrating to pytest for test discovery and execution.

The PRs should be merged into master, and will eventually be incorporated to v2.1. No backporting is necessary.

Reviewing pull requests.

Updated Jan 13, 2017

Here is a small toy project to see if we can get more pull requests merged. Some have been stalled because of lack of reviews while others need some patch.

I only added PRs that have been tagged as being mergeable by at list one reviewer or the author.

Categorical Support

Updated Nov 3, 2016

Better support for categorical (ordinal and nominal) data. Continuation of GSOC project, more information can be found at https://story645.github.io/

Documentation overhaul

Updated Nov 22, 2016

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