Fix traceback for vlines/hlines, when an empty list or array passed in for x/y. #1000

merged 3 commits into from Jul 10, 2012
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. @dhyams

    Handle the edge case in matplotlib.axes.vlines, where an empty list o…

    dhyams committed Jul 10, 2012
    …r array is passed in as x. Previously,
    the vlines routine would raise an exception when min(x) was called, if x was an empty list.wq
  2. @dhyams

    Handled edge case for hlines also; if y is an empty list or zero-leng…

    dhyams committed Jul 10, 2012
    …th array, the routine
    would raise an exception.
  3. @dhyams

    oops; failed to commit after fixing this little bugaboo; should have …

    dhyams committed Jul 10, 2012
    …been len(y) instead of len(x)