fix for bug #996 and related issues #1011

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This is a fix for bug #996 (macosx backend broken by #901: QuadMesh fails so colorbar fails) and a few related issues.

@efiring efiring merged commit 408c529 into matplotlib:master Jul 15, 2012
@pelson pelson commented on the diff Jul 16, 2012
@@ -63,42 +63,34 @@ def draw_path_collection(self, gc, master_transform, paths, all_transforms,
offsets, offsetTrans, facecolors, edgecolors,
linewidths, linestyles, antialiaseds, urls,
- cliprect = gc.get_clip_rectangle()
- clippath, clippath_transform = gc.get_clip_path()
- if all_transforms:
- transforms = [, t) for t in all_transforms]
+ if offset_position=='data':
pelson Jul 16, 2012 Matplotlib Developers member

I know its been merged already, but its worth mentioning that the lines:

if offset_position=='data':
    offset_position = True
   offset_position = False

are exactly equivalent to:

offset_position = (offset_position=='data')

(un-necessary parentheses added for readability)

Matplotlib Developers member

Out of interest, is the OSX backend purely graphical or would it be possible to add some unit tests?

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