Contour norm scaling #1057

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These changes follow #1022 by fixing a baseline image, adding to the CHANGELOG entry, and making the contour handling of norm scaling more consistent with other image-like plotting such as pcolor by adding vmin, vmax kwargs.

efiring added some commits Aug 1, 2012
@efiring efiring contour: clarify and improve support for norm.vmin, norm.vmax
Previously, although vmin, vmax could be specified manually
in a norm used to initialize a ContourSet, the values would
be used only if both were specified.  Now one can set either
or both of vmin, vmax in the norm, and they will take precedence
over the default.
@efiring efiring update contour_hatching test images for change caused by #1022
Filled contours now use more of the available colormap range than
@efiring efiring colors: avoid problems with bad values under the mask when color mapping
This change should have no effect on any plot, but it avoids
warnings that can arise when an inf occurs under a mask.
@efiring efiring contour: support vmin, vmax kwargs for consistency with pcolor etc.
This changeset also simplifies and clarifies the vmin, vmax
explanation and handling for pcolor and pcolormesh.
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Looks good. I think this also fixes #1046.

efiring added some commits Aug 7, 2012
@efiring efiring colorbar: improve handling of manually-set vmin, vmax in contourf, co…

Formerly, colorbar would not place ticks at contour levels outside the
vmin-vmax range, and would not add line contour marks at such levels.
@efiring efiring colorbar: allow more than one set of contour line marks 0890246
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I added some related colorbar changes and a test. That's all I have in mind for this one.

@efiring efiring merged commit 41822d5 into matplotlib:master Aug 11, 2012
@efiring efiring deleted the efiring:contour_norm_scaling branch May 29, 2013
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