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Fix invalid transformation in InvertedSymmetricalLogTransform. #1146

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The InvertedSymmetricalLogTransform was incorrect (used for "symlog" plots). There are two problems with the existing code: first, linthresh must be transformed to the target space. It is linear, but not equal to +/- linthresh in the original space. I introduced a new class member invlinthresh for the inverted linear threshold. Second, there is a parenthesis missing in the inverted formula.

This transform is likely unused by anyone, I needed it so I could add an image (imshow) to a symlog plot. Since imshow only works with linear axes, I added a second axes with twiny() but needed to be able to create a new image, appropriately scaled logarithmically. Thus, the correct inverse transform was needed so I could compute coordinates for the new linear axis.

I hope the problem and the fix are sufficiently obvious. If not I can provide a worksheet that demonstrates the problem.

@efiring efiring merged commit 92721ed into matplotlib:master
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Commits on Aug 26, 2012
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  1. +5 −3 lib/matplotlib/
8 lib/matplotlib/
@@ -347,17 +347,19 @@ class InvertedSymmetricalLogTransform(Transform):
def __init__(self, base, linthresh, linscale):
+ symlog = SymmetricalLogScale.SymmetricalLogTransform(base, linthresh, linscale)
self.base = base
self.linthresh = linthresh
+ self.invlinthresh = symlog.transform(linthresh)
self.linscale = linscale
self._linscale_adj = (linscale / (1.0 - self.base ** -1))
def transform(self, a):
sign = np.sign(a)
- masked = ma.masked_inside(a, -self.linthresh, self.linthresh, copy=False)
+ masked = ma.masked_inside(a, -self.invlinthresh, self.invlinthresh, copy=False)
exp = sign * self.linthresh * (
- ma.power(self.base, sign * (masked / self.linthresh))
- - self._linscale_adj)
+ ma.power(self.base, (sign * (masked / self.linthresh))
+ - self._linscale_adj))
if masked.mask.any():
return ma.where(masked.mask, a / self._linscale_adj, exp)
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