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pyplot.plotfile. gridon option added with default from rcParam. #1297

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This should be a clean pull request of issue: #1205

Recap: the original plotfile function draw the axes grids at each call. This pull request implements a
keywords to enable or disable the grid. The default is taken from rc.Params['axes.gris'].
This keyword is deprecated and will be deleted from future releases


Thanks for that, @montefra. If you ever need to update this pull request you can do the following:

1) Make sure you are currently on the plotfile_grid branch:

git checkout plotfile_grid

2) Make any changes you want:

git add ...
git commit

3) Push the branch:

git push origin plotfile_grid

The updates will display here automagically.


@efiring You had concerns about this change hurting users. Would an entry in api_changes.rst address those concerns, or would a warning be more appropriate?

@@ -2189,8 +2192,7 @@ def getname_val(identifier):
elif i==1:
ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
- ax.grid(True)
+ ax.grid(gridon)
@dmcdougall Collaborator

I think you lost some indentation here.

I thought that too. But if you go to my repository ( ax.grid(gridon) has the right indentation.
Can be a problem with tabs. I use vim with some selfindent and it seems that it converts spaces to tabs when they are many.
I've tested the code before submitting and didn't get any indent error. I can substitute the tab with spaces and recommit if it's a problem.

@WeatherGod Collaborator
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This is very confusing, despite being a tiny change. From reading the predecessor, #1205, I gathered that the decision was to just make the jump: leave out the new kwarg, and use the rcParams value internally, for consistency with other plotting. However, this PR has the kwarg back in. Furthermore, it is used in a particularly confusing way, such that only the rcParams value at the time the function is defined takes effect; changing the rcParams value before the function is called will not affect the function:

In [1]: x = dict(a=1)

In [2]: def f(xx=x['a']):
   ...:     print xx

In [3]: f()

In [4]: x['a'] = 2

In [5]: f()

It looks like the best way to handle this is going to be to make a clean break--knowing it may cause some presumably minor breakage (changing plot appearance, not information content) in user code. So I think we need to leave the kwarg out, and simply use the rcParams value internally. This requires a note in api_changes.

If @mdboom or others would prefer not to make this api change (which is almost a bug fix; it is repairing a design flaw in plotfile) for v1.2, then it (meaning not the present PR, but the tiny change outlined above, as a clean single changeset to whichever version is selected as the target) can be targeted to master instead. It's not urgent.


@montefra Could you update this to be in line with @efiring's suggestion?


@dmcdougall: gridon removed. I also think that is neater if plotfile works as all the other pyplot functions
@efiring :+1: I didn't know that function arguments are evaluated a definition time, not at execution time.


@montefra You'll also need to add a little note in api_changes.rst warning users of the new behaviour.

Edit: grammar.


@dmcdougall done. I hope the the English is good enough


@montefra Thanks. Can you squash all this down to a single commit?


@dmcdougall done without making a mess.

@dmcdougall dmcdougall merged commit f1dbe0e into matplotlib:master

1 check passed

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This page is out of date. Refresh to see the latest.
Showing with 6 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −0 doc/api/api_changes.rst
  2. +1 −5 lib/matplotlib/
5 doc/api/api_changes.rst
@@ -15,6 +15,11 @@ For new features that were added to matplotlib, please see
Changes in 1.3.x
+* Removed call of :meth:`~matplotlib.axes.Axes.grid` in
+ :meth:`~matplotlib.pyplot.plotfile`. To draw the axes grid, set to *True*
+ matplotlib.rcParams['axes.grid'] or ``axes.grid`` in ``.matplotlibrc`` or
+ explicitly call :meth:`~matplotlib.axes.Axes.grid`
* A new keyword *extendrect* in :meth:`~matplotlib.pyplot.colorbar` and
:class:`~matplotlib.colorbar.ColorbarBase` allows one to control the shape
of colorbar extensions.
6 lib/matplotlib/
@@ -2101,8 +2101,7 @@ def polar(*args, **kwargs):
def plotfile(fname, cols=(0,), plotfuncs=None,
comments='#', skiprows=0, checkrows=5, delimiter=',', names=None,
- subplots=True, newfig=True,
- **kwargs):
+ subplots=True, newfig=True, **kwargs):
Plot the data in in a file.
@@ -2198,9 +2197,6 @@ def getname_val(identifier):
elif i==1:
ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
- ax.grid(True)
yname, y = getname_val(cols[i])
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