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remove deprecated ipython_directive (get it from ipython src) and release dir #428

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John Hunter Eric Firing
John Hunter

As we discussed in issues


the ipython_directive in lib/matplotlib/sphinext is now deprecated (it is hosted by ipython and used nowhere in the mpl src), as is the releases directory (Christoph (win32) and Russell (OSX) both use different processes for the release binaries). There may be some who are using the releases code so this may be an inconvenience, but at this point is appears to be unsupported and so arguably should be removed. The case for removing the ipython_directive is more compelling, since it is actively maintained in the ipython src tree and belongs there.

I can split these into two pull requests if there is no consensus that both should be removed.

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Aug 18, 2011
Miriam Sierig remove deprecated ipython_directive (get it from ipython src) and rel…
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