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tonysyu commented Mar 1, 2012

Add LassoSelector widget that behaves more like RectangleSelector and SpanSelector than the current Lasso widget.

Note: I put the demo in the "widgets" directory even though the Lasso demo is in "event_handling".

Also, note that this PR builds off of PR #724: Only the last commit in this PR adds the new widget.

tonysyu added some commits Feb 27, 2012
@tonysyu tonysyu Change cursors and selectors to subclass Widget. 8af797d
@tonysyu tonysyu Remove call to `new_axes` in SpanSelector.
* This change is in preparation for generalizing the base Widget.
* It's not clear to me why `new_axes` is necessary, but I left it in (for now).
@tonysyu tonysyu Add AxesWidget class and let it initialize `ax` and `canvas` attributes.
* Renamed `Lasso.axes` to `` for consistency.
* Remove `Lasso.figure`, which was unused.
@tonysyu tonysyu Add `connect_event` and `disconnect_events` to AxesWidget. 21bca27
@tonysyu tonysyu Add default ignore method and check it in callbacks.
* Attribute name "active" can be confused with parameter to `RadioButtons`, but `RadioButtons` doesn't save that parameter as an attribute, so there's no name clash. BUT this is still really confusing to users. Consider renaming ``.
* * This could have been implemented as a decorator, but some callbacks wouldn't be compatible. For example, `SpanSelector.release` should not be ignored if widget was deactivated during mouse press.
* * `SpanSelector` and `RectangleSelector` already had `ignore` methods, but they do not call it in `update_background`. I don't change the current behavior, although it seems desirable.
@tonysyu tonysyu Fix: save correct callback ids.
Also, remove unused import.
@tonysyu tonysyu Remove duplicate code in `SpanSelector.__init__`. 0f0286e
@tonysyu tonysyu Add LassoSelector widget with demo.
Note: I put the demo in the "widgets" directory even though the `Lasso` demo is in "event_handling".
@pelson pelson and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Mar 1, 2012
@@ -64,9 +63,41 @@ class Widget(object):
eventson = True
+class AxesWidget(Widget):
+ """
+ Widget that is connected to a single :class:`Axes`.
pelson Mar 1, 2012 Member

Does this render correctly? It is certainly safer to do :class:~matplotlib.axes.Axes. (the tilde shortens the link to Axes)

tonysyu Mar 2, 2012 Contributor

I didn't know about this. Thanks for the tip.

@pelson pelson and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Mar 2, 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,81 @@
+import numpy as np
+from matplotlib.widgets import LassoSelector
+from matplotlib.nxutils import points_inside_poly
pelson Mar 2, 2012 Member

That can't work since nxutils was removed in master... see #732 for example of how to get around that one.

tonysyu Mar 4, 2012 Contributor

Hmm, I'm on the latest master, and it works fine on my system. Am I missing something?

tonysyu Mar 12, 2012 Contributor

Actually,... I didn't clean out my build, so I had a leftover I just converted to use Path.contains_point. Thanks for the tip!

@pelson pelson commented on the diff Mar 2, 2012
@@ -133,6 +171,8 @@ def __init__(self, ax, label, image=None,
self._lastcolor = color
def _click(self, event):
+ if self.ignore(event):
pelson Mar 2, 2012 Member

These would make nice decorators... :-)

tonysyu Mar 4, 2012 Contributor

Actually, my first implementation used decorators. At the time, I called the decorator callback and applied it to every callback event. But then I noticed that you want to be more careful with a handful of cases (for example, you want to be able to release SpanSelector even if you deactivate the widget in-between press and release events---not really sure how likely this is, but the code checked for it). When I realized that the callback decorator wouldn't be called on all the callbacks, I thought it might get confusing.

I guess renaming the decorator to check_ignore (or similar) might make the functionality a bit clearer. My other hesitation was that it may be weird for a decorator to call a class method---seems somewhat magical. I'd be fine with it though.

efiring commented Mar 12, 2012

Please add docstrings for Lasso and LassoSelector.

tonysyu commented Mar 12, 2012

@efiring doctstrings, done.

@efiring efiring merged commit adf6680 into matplotlib:master Mar 17, 2012
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