Update for building matplotlib under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and XCode > 4.2 #899

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Maybe we need to have more than one make.osx; I imagine quite a few people will still be building on older systems, so I don't think we want the older version of make.osx simply vanish. But we certainly do want to have a version that works on the latest.

@pelson pelson commented on the diff Jun 13, 2012
@@ -25,17 +25,17 @@ ZLIBURL=http://sourceforge.net/projects/libpng/files/zlib/${ZLIBVERSION}/${ZLIBF
PNGDIR=$(basename $(basename ${PNGFILE}))
pelson Jun 13, 2012

As far as I can see, this has made the code more likely to fail. Currently PNGVERSION in this file is 1.5.4 but the 1.5.4 folder only exists in the older-releases folder

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@xiron: Did you try using the setup.py? I know the preferred method states to use the make file, but I have had some success with the regular build process (10.7 and latest xcode, with some homebrew extras).

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I got building to work with homebrew on 10.6 without using make.osx at all, so we might not really need make.osx for user builds. I think it has been used to build the downloadable binaries to work on a wide variety of OS X versions, and that use is probably still valid.

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What is the status of this PR? Do we need more testers? I have access to a user with this combination of specs who could do a test if needed.

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I don't have confidence that this change works (see my inline code comment), and @jkseppan and myself are awaiting to hear if using setup.py would work instead of using the make.osx (it does for me, and I have 10.7 with xcode 4.3.3, with additional brew installations).

If there were a pause/hold button on pull requests, I would have it pressed for this PR.

@xiron: Does setup.py work for you? Is there any additional motivation for changing make.osx?

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as an additional datapoint, the user I was referring to just yesterday built and installed matplotlib from the master branch just fine. I am pretty sure he is using homebrew as well.

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@xiron: I'm closing this issue as I don't believe that the code can work anymore (the png library on the sourceforge site is no longer in that location). Additionally, it is currently best to build mpl via the standard setup.py`` so the need for themake.osx``` seems to be diminishing (perhaps it is still needed for some distribution builds?).

We can always re-open this issue if there are good reasons to do so. If you are unable to build for osx 10.7 feel free to get in touch via the users or devel mailing list and I would be happy to help.

@pelson pelson closed this Aug 11, 2012
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