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Scipy 2013

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A matplotlib sprint is planned during the sprint days of Scipy 2013, June 28-29, 2013.

Participants who can not physically be in Austin, TX but want to participate remotely via IM (details to follow) may do so.


  • @mdboom Michael Droettboom -- in person
  • @pelson Philip Elson -- in person
  • @ivanov Paul Ivanov -- in person (splitting time with @ipython)
  • @dmcdougall Damon McDougall -- funding confirmed; I'll be there in person
  • @NelleV -- in person
  • @weathergod Ben Root -- in person (first day only)

Sprint ideas

  • Continue cleanup and reorganization of examples (suggested by @mdboom & @pelson)
  • Reduce the number of pull requests and issues (suggested by @pelson)
  • Pulling together ideas for a geometry manager (ticket: #1109) (suggested by @pelson)
  • Towards an interactive property editor for figures (suggested by @pelson)
  • Design & implement color (or more generally artist property) cycling mechanism for lines/scatter (ticket: #449) (suggested by @pelson)
  • Arbitrary/marker line styles (ticket: #346) (suggested by @pelson)
  • Logical Collections (suggested by @weathergod)
  • Plot editor (suggested by @dmcdougall)

Note: Some of the MEP Needed issues are a good source of ideas.

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