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Anaconda is an open, cross-platform runtime for Multimedia Fusion 2, with support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Anaconda for MMF2

Anaconda for MMF2 is a cross-platform, hardware accelerated runtime, with 
support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


Binary builds are a available on the GitHub project page:

License FAQ

Anaconda is dual-licensed under the GPL and a commercial license. Unless you 
have explicitly acquired a commercial license from me, Mathias Kaerlev 
(matpow2 at gmail dot com), you will have to use the runtime under the terms of
the GPL. 

Under the GPL, you can use Anaconda for both commercial and non-commercial
purposes and change it to your desire, but you have to either include the
(potentially modified) Anaconda sources alongside your game/application, or, if
unmodified, make a *CLEARLY* visible reference to this project page, e.g. in
the intro of your application/game.
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