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Anaconda and Chowdren are open, cross-platform runtimes for Clickteam Fusion 2.5, with support for desktop and console platforms.
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Anaconda/Chowdren for Clickteam Fusion

Anaconda and Chowdren for Clickteam Fusion are cross-platform, hardware accelerated runtimes with support for desktop and console platforms.

Please note that Anaconda is deprecated - only Chowdren is now supported.


For installation and usage, please refer to the thread on the Clickteam forums here.

License FAQ

Anaconda and Chowdren are dual-licensed under the GPL and a commercial license. Unless you have explicitly acquired a commercial license from me, Mathias Kaerlev (mat at mp2 dot dk), you will have to use the runtimes under the terms of the GPL.

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