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The function binds named HTML form fields (input, select, textarea etc) contained at given HTML form to corresponding properties.

<form class="my-form">
    <input type="text" value="foo" name="x">
const object = {};
parseForm(object, '.my-form');

// ...
console.log(object.x); // 'foo'
object.x = 'bar'; // changes input value to 'bar'


In browser environment (or whatever environment where Matreshka is global variable) Matreshka is extended.

<script src="path/to/matreshka-parse-form.min.js"></script>
Matreshka.parseForm(object, form);

The bundle can be downloaded at gh-pages branch

In CJS environment Matreshka is not extended.

npm install --save matreshka-parse-form
const parseForm = require('matreshka-parse-form');


The function accepts 4 arguments:

  • object - an object (required)
  • form - a selector, DOM node etc. of given form (custom selectors :sandbox and :bound(XXX) also acceptable) (required)
  • callback - a function which will be called on every found field; accepts field name and field element itself
  • eventOptions - event options which will be passed to every internal call of bindNode.

Returns: parsed form element.

The third argument is usable when parseForm is used with Matreshka.Object: you can call addDataKeys method there.

const form = parseForm(this, ':sandbox .foo', key => this.addDataKeys(key), {
    getValueOnBind: false