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a safe, concurrent, practical language
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doc Make keyword table in reference reflect reality more closely
mk platform-specific valgrind suppression
src core: Export floor functions
.gitignore Update .gitignore
.gitmodules Update libuv.
AUTHORS.txt Add Magnus Auvinen to AUTHORS.txt
INSTALL.txt doc: Just remove mention of the busted win installer from INSTALL.txt
LICENSE.txt Add Inno Setup installer script rather than NSIS Merge pull request #1669 from graydon/inno-setup
README.txt Rename some readmes and fix some dist logic.
RELEASES.txt doc: Fix typo in RELEASES.txt
configure Update libuv.


This is a compiler and suite of associated libraries and documentation for the
Rust programming language.

See LICENSE.txt for terms of copyright and redistribution.

See for more information.
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