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@thomas-profitt thomas-profitt released this Feb 23, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

This release changes only the required matrix-puppet-bridge version, to 1.17.0.

Bridge version 1.17.0 handles m.notice messages as text instead of ignoring them, and finally creates rooms invite-only! It sets existing rooms invite-only whenever it touches them, too, to migrate them automatically in a way.

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Due to this #24 we have reverted back to a situation which is more conventional: the AS bot is now the one creating the rooms.

The reason we'd deviated from this is discussed a bit here: matrix-hacks/matrix-puppet-bridge#18 (comment) tl;dr: we didn't want the bot joining the room, but it's more important that the AS bot is not denied when creating rooms in the event that the user decides to register the namespace alias in the registration file (which we typically do not default to, but you may want to, and should be able to)

Upgrade info

You can upgrade and everything will still work without any additional steps on your part. That said, you will see some warnings about powerlevels. You can safely ignore these, or resolve them by giving the bot 100 power on the protocol status room, and if possible, all other facebook rooms. This is likely way too much work (such as in my case, with ~80 facebook rooms), so you may just want to ignore the warnings. Newly created rooms will be setup correctly with the AS bot joined and at 100 power level.

Assets 2
Mar 16, 2017
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