Dendron is an in-progress implementation of a Matrix homeserver
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Dendron is a Matrix homeserver written in Go.

Rather than write a Matrix homeserver from scratch, Dendron acts as a proxy for an existing homeserver Synapse written in python. This means that it can be already be used as a fully-featured homeserver.


Currently to use Dendron you will need an development install of Synapse. See these instructions for setting up a dev install of Synapse.

To build Dendron itself check out this repository and build it using gb:

gb generate
gb build


WARNING: Dendron is currently in the early stages of development. These instructions are likely to change frequently and no effort is made to provide backwards compatibility.

Configuring Synapse

You will need to configure Synapse to use PostgreSQL for storage.

You will need to setup an unsecure HTTP listener for Dendron to proxy requests to.

Configuring Dendron

The configuration for Dendron is passed on the command line.


Dendron can be tested using SyTest, a black box matrix integration tester. See the SyTest project page for instructions