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Dockerfile for installation of matrix open federated Instant Messaging and VoIP communication server.


To configure run the image with "generate" as argument. You have to setup the server domain and a /data-directory. After this you have to edit the generated homeserver.yaml file. Don't forget to configure the file if you need the web client. Rename this file to deactivate

To get the things done, "generate" will create a own self-signed certificate.

This needs to be changed for production usage.


$ docker run -v /tmp/data:/data --rm -e SERVER_NAME=localhost silviof/docker-matrix generate


For starting you need the the port bindings and a mapping for the /data-directory.

$ docker run -d -p 8448:8448 -p 3478:3478 -v /tmp/data:/data silviof/docker-matrix start

Port configurations

This following ports are used in the container. You can use -p-option on docker run to configure this part (eg.: -p 443:8448).

  • turnserver: 3478,3479,5349,5350 udp and tcp
  • homeserver: 8008,8448 tcp
  • web client: defaults to 8080

Version information

To get the installed synapse version you can run the image with version as argument or look at the container via cat.

$ docker run -ti --rm silviof/docker-matrix version
-=> Matrix Version: v0.7.1-0-g894a89d
# docker exec -it CONTAINERID cat /synapse.version

Environment variables

SERVER_NAME ~ Server and domain name; needed only at generating time

Exported volumes

\/data: ~ data-container