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This repository has been archived by the owner on Feb 21, 2024. It is now read-only.


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A Golang Matrix client.



All contributions are greatly appreciated!

How to report issues

Please check the current open issues for similar reports in order to avoid duplicates.

Some general guidelines:

  • Include a minimal reproducible example when possible.
  • Describe the expected behaviour and what actually happened including a full trace-back in case of exceptions.
  • Make sure to list details about your environment

Setting up your environment

If you intend to contribute to gomatrix you'll first need Go installed on your machine (version 1.12+ is required). Also, make sure to have golangci-lint properly set up since we use it for pre-commit hooks (for instructions on how to install it, check the official docs).

  • Fork gomatrix to your GitHub account by clicking the Fork button.

  • Clone the main repository (not your fork) to your local machine.

    $ git clone
    $ cd gomatrix
  • Add your fork as a remote to push your contributions.Replace {username} with your username.

    git remote add fork{username}/gomatrix
  • Create a new branch to identify what feature you are working on.

    $ git fetch origin
    $ git checkout -b your-branch-name origin/master
  • Make your changes, including tests that cover any code changes you make, and run them as described below.

  • Execute pre-commit hooks by running

    <gomatrix dir>/hooks/pre-commit
  • Push your changes to your fork and create a pull request describing your changes.

    $ git push --set-upstream fork your-branch-name
  • Finally, create a pull request

How to run tests

You can run the test suite and example code with $ go test -v

Running Coverage

To run coverage, first generate the coverage report using go test

go test -v -cover -coverprofile=coverage.out

You can now show the generated report as a html page with go tool

go tool cover -html=coverage.out