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Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.6 (2017-01-17)

Improvements: * Video call : The local preview is moveable. * e2e : The e2e data is now saved synchronously to avoid not being able to read our own messages if the application crashes. * Use a dedicated logger to avoid having truncated logs.

Bugfixes: * Fix many crashes reported by Google Analytics. * Update the olm library (fix the random string generation issue, invalid emoji support...). * #816 : Custom server URL bug. * #821 : Room creation with a matrix user from the contacts list creates several empty rooms. * #841 : Infinite call ringing.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.5 (2016-12-19)

Improvements: * The e2e keys are sent by 100 devices chunk

Bugfixes: * Several issues reported by GA. * In some edge cases, the read all function does not clear the unread messages counters.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.4 (2016-12-13)

Improvements: * Many e2e improvements * Reduce the stores launching times.

Bugfixes: * Several issues reported by GA. * #374 : Check if Event.unsigned.age can be used to detect if the event is still valid. * #687 : User adress instead of display name in call event * #723 : Cancelling download of encrypted image does not work

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.3 (2016-11-24)

Improvements: * reduce the memory use to avoid having out of memory error.

Bugfixes: * The rest clients did not with http v2 servers.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.2 (2016-11-23)

Features: * Add room.isDirectChatInvitation method * Send thumbnail for the image messages * Update to the attachment encryptions V2

Improvements: * Improve the cryptostore management to avoid working on UI thread. * Improve the crypto store to avoid application logout when the files are corrupted * Update the olm lib.

Bugfixes: * #680 : Unsupported TLS protocol version * #731 : Crypto : Some device informations are not displayed whereas the messages can be decrypted. * #739 : [e2e] Ringtone from call is different according to the encryption state of the room * #742 : Unable to send messages in #megolm since build 810: Network error

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.1 (2016-11-21)

Improvements: * Improve the cryptostore management to avoid working on UI thread.

Bugfixes: * Add try / catch block in JSonUtils methods (GA issues)

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.7.0 (2016-11-18)

Features: * Encryption * DirectChat management * Devices list management

Bugfixes: * GA issues * #529 : the unread notified messages are not properly cleared when the network connection is lost / unstable * #540 : All the store data is lost if there is an OOM error while saving it. * #546 : Invite a left user doesn't display his displayname. * #558 ! Global search : the back pagination does not work anymore * #561 : URLs containing $s aren't linkified correctly * #562 : Some redacted events were restored at next application launch * #589 : Login as email is case sensistive * #590 : Email validation token is sent even to invalid emails * #602 : The 1:1 room avatar must be the other member avatar if no room avatar was set * #611 : Remove display name event is blank

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.6.2 (2016-09-19)

Bugfixes: * Ensure that ended calls are no more seen as active call. * #490 : Start a call conference and stop it asap don't stop it * #501 : [VoIP] crash in caller side when a started video call is stopped asap. * Some files were sent with an invalid mimetype text/uri-list.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.6.1 (2016-09-13)

Features: * #406 : Chat screen: New message(s) notification * #465 : Chat screen: disable auto scroll to bottom on keyboard presentation

Bugfixes: * #386 : Sender picture missing in notification * #396 : Displayed name should be consistent for all events * #397 : Generated avatar should be consistent for all events * #404 : The message displayed in a room when a 3pid invited user has registered is not clear * #407 : Chat screen: The read receipts from the conference user should be ignored * #415 : Room Settings: some addresses are missing * #439 : add markdown support for emotes * #445 : Unable to join federated rooms with Android app * #455 : Until e2e is impl'd, encrypted msgs should be shown in the UI as unencryptable warning text * #473 : Huge text messages are not rendered on some android devices

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.6.0 (2016-08-11)

Improvements: * #351 : VoIP Checklist (add the end of call reason, receive a call while already in call).

Features: * Add the attachment upload/download detailled information (progress, mean bitrate, estimated remaining time...) * Add the conference call management.

Bugfixes: * #290 : Redacting membership events should immediately reset the displayname & avatar of room members * #320 : Sanitise the logs to remove private data * #330 : some medias are not downloadable * #352 : some rooms are not displayed in the recents when the 10 last messages are redacted ones after performing an initial sync * #358 : Update the event not found message when clicking on permalink * #359 : Redacting a video during sending goes wrong * #364 : Profile changes shouldn't reorder the room list.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.9 (2016-07-19)

Features: * The room ids, the room aliases, the event ids are now clickable.

Bugfixes: * Update the background color of the markdown code. * #297 : Redact avatar / name update event should remove them from the room history. * #318 : Some member avatars are wrong.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.8 (2016-07-11)

Improvements: * Improve file extension retrieving. * Update to gradle 1.5.0 * Image message in the recents page: display the filename when it is known instead of XX sent an image.

Features: * Add the requests to add/remove aliases to/from a room aliases.

Bugfixes: * #262 : The app should not display <img> from HTML formatted_body * #263 : redactions shouldn't hide auth events (eg bans) from the timeline. they should only hide the human readable bits of content * #265 : vector-android seems to use display names for join/part when in a room, but not in the latest message display in the rooms list. * #271 : Accepting an invite does not get full scrollback.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.7 (2016-06-21)

Improvements: * The room visibility messages are displayed in the room history. * Do not refresh the turn servers if the HS does not support it. * RoomState : The events_default and users_default default values are now 0.

Features: * Add some new room settings management (list in Directory, room access, room history) * The background sync timeout is now configurable. * A sleep can be defined between two sync requests.

Bugfixes: * #206 : There is no space between some avatars (unexpected avatar). * GA issue : EventTimeLine.mDataHandler is empty whereas it should be. * onInvalidToken should not be triggered when MatrixError.FORBIDDEN is received. * #186 : Start chat with a member should use the latest room instead of the first found one. * Fix a crash with JingleCall class (when teh libs are not found on the device). * The room object was not always initialized when MessagesAdapter is created (tap on a notication whereas the client is not launched). * Fix a crash when an incoming call is received and the dedicated permissions are not granted.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.7 (2016-06-21)

Improvements: * The room visibility messages are displayed in the room history. * Do not refresh the turn servers if the HS does not support it. * RoomState : The events_default and users_default default values are now 0.

Features: * Add some new room settings management (list in Directory, room access, room history) * The background sync timeout is now configurable. * A sleep can be defined between two sync requests.

Bugfixes: * #206 : There is no space between some avatars (unexpected avatar). * GA issue : EventTimeLine.mDataHandler is empty whereas it should be. * onInvalidToken should not be triggered when MatrixError.FORBIDDEN is received. * #186 : Start chat with a member should use the latest room instead of the first found one. * Fix a crash with JingleCall class (when teh libs are not found on the device). * The room object was not always initialized when MessagesAdapter is created (tap on a notication whereas the client is not launched). * Fix a crash when an incoming call is received and the dedicated permissions are not granted.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.6 (2016-06-07)

Bugfixes: * issue #176 Update the notification text when invited to a chat * issue #194 Public room preview : some public rooms have no display name * issue #180 Some invited emails are stuck (invitation from a non matrix user) * issue #175 The notifications settings should be dynamically refreshed * issue #190 Room invitation push rules is disabled for a new account on android but enabled on the webclient interface

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.5 (2016-06-03)

Improvements: * The "table" markdown were badly displayed : use the default Html render * Remove useless roomSummary error traces (not supported event type) * Add missing fields in PublicRoom

Features: * Add ignore users feature. * Add an API to retrieve the pusher * Add the room preview management

Bugfixes: * Fixes several crashes reported by GA. * Incoming call did not trigger any pushes.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.4 (2016-05-11)

Improvements: * Add a method to retrieve the SDK version programmatically. * Add an error callback in the media downloader. * Improve the room history back pagination management. * Add method to customize the highlighted pattern in a message. * Refresh automatically the user account information to avoid having staled one. * Mark as sent a message when the SEND request succeeds (do not wait anymore the server acknowledge). * Simplify the room messages layout. * Add Room.isEventRead to tell if an event has been read. * Highlight a message if its content fullfills a push rule. * The room member events are not anymore counted as unread messages * The messages resending code is factorized in MatrixMessagesListFragment. * Improve the message html display. * Warn the application when the credentials are not anymore valid. * Fix some memory leaks * Improve the room activity rendering * Room member events should not be displayed with sender. * Increase the image thumbnail.

Features: * Add the currently_active field to User. * The messages search is now done on server side. * Add the email login support. * Add the message context management. * Add the 3rd party invitation * Add the markdown support. * Add the new registration process support. * Add the emails binding * Add reset password

Bugfixes: * The bing rules were sometines not initialized after the application launch. * SYAND-90 The very first pagination jumps the scroll bar. * The room spinner was sometime stuck. * The presense was sometimes invalid. * MXMediasCache : delete the destinated file if it already exists. * The back pagination was sometimes stuck after a network error. * Texts sizes are now defined in SD instead of DP. * The medias message sending did not work properly when the application was in background. * Fix an issue when a room is left, joined, left and joined again. * The account info was sometimes resetted after receiving a membership event. * The filestore was not really cleared after a logout. * Fix an infinite back pagination while rotating the device. * Fix a crash when is not found. * The network connection listener did not manage properly the data connection lost.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.3 (2016-02-16)

  • The read receipts are displayed for outgoing and incoming messages.
  • The room members search methods have been improved.
  • The user account data is updated at application launch and resume to speed up account update.
  • The server sync methods are not anymore called in the IU thread.
  • Updates to support the renamed JSON fields (server update).
  • Reduce the number of room backpagination requests when reaching the room history top.
  • Add new server synchronisation.
  • Add room tags support.
  • Add the mute room notifications methods.
  • Add the remote text search method.
  • Some member avatars were not properly retrieved.
  • The read receipts were not properly saved.
  • The room loading spinner was sometimes stuck when joining a room.
  • Some redacted events were wrongly displayed in the recents (e.g. John:null).
  • Do not try to download an invalid media at each room refresh.
  • A full sync was triggered after failing to send some messages.
  • Fix a null pointer while refresh the messages fragment.
  • Some redacted events were displayed as echoed one (light gray).
  • Fixed some leave - join - leave - join issues.

Changes to Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.2 (2015-11-20)

  • Now supports setting a default alias for rooms
  • Rooms can now clear or set ACLs for scrollback
  • Better SSL support for older devices
  • Improved the recent events display
  • Improved scrolling and update after screen rotation
  • Read receipts!
  • Added refresh_token support
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a case where the user got randomly logged out
  • Fixed echo during Android<->Android VOIP calls

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.5.1 (2015-09-30)

  • Add support of file:// in mediaCacheFile.
  • Many UI classes are more customisable (click management, UI fields…).
  • The catchup time should be shorter.
  • The room catchup can be performed while search a pattern.
  • MXFileStore : some files are zipped to reduce the used storage space and to reduce saving time.
  • MXFileStore : Saving thread is now a low priority thread.
  • Add video and location messages support
  • Add self signed cert support.
Bug fixes:
  • The event lifetime parameter was not checked.
  • The application used to crash while starting a voice/video with a device with no camera or no front camera.
  • Many crashes while logging out.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.4.4 (2015-09-07)

  • Add assert to avoid using released session
  • The RespAdapter callbacks are called in try/catch block to avoid crashing the application.
  • Get thumbnail bitmap file from URL.
  • Share the lastactive delay to string method.
  • Ignore presence events until the initial presences refresh is done.
  • GCM registration : Add the append field management.
  • Add a message header to the room items.
  • The network events are not anymore managed with the pause/unpause commands.
  • Reduce the number of messageAdapter refreshes.
  • The text selection in a chat message is disabled to avoid flickering with long taps.
  • Allow click on any textual event to copy its content.
  • Update the transaction id for unsent messages.
  • Increase the max number of events stored by room to avoid trigger network requests.
  • room::requestHistory provides 20 events per requests. Room class buffers the storage events to avoid having a huge bunch of events.
  • Improve the storage events management.
  • Voice/Video call management.
Bug fixes:
  • The displayname was not initialized if the settings page was not opened once.
  • Add mFileStoreHandler sanity check (GA issues).
  • Highlight messages with displayname / userID in room instead of using the push rules.
  • Fix a GA crash while listing the public rooms.
  • Fix a GA crash while listing room members list.
  • Fix a GA crash with caseInsensitiveFind use (empty string case).
  • Fix a GA crash when maxPowerLevel is set to 0.
  • The rooms deletion use to crash the application in some race conditions.
  • The room joining was not properly dispatched when done from another device.
  • The avatar and displayname udpates were not properly saved.
  • The messages are sent with PUT instead of POST to avoid duplicated messages.
  • In some race conditions, the user profile was not properly updated.
  • SYAND-95 Tap on displayname to insert into textbox as poor's man autocomplete
  • SYAND-102 Accepted room invites not properly resolved.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.4.3 (2015-07-07)

  • Display the members presence in the chat activity.
Bug fixes:
  • The 0.4.2 update used to display an empty history.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.4.2 (2015-07-06)

  • Improve the room members listing (it used to be very slow on huge rooms like Matrix HQ).
  • Display the server error messages when available.
  • Multi servers management.
  • Update to the latest robolectric.
  • Add filename param into the media post request to have a valid name while saving with the web client.
  • Bing rules can now be updated on the client.
Bug fixes:
  • Some rooms were not joined because the roomIds were URL encoded.
  • SYAND-91 : server is not federating - endless load of public room list.
  • Back pagination was sometimes broken with “Invalid token” error. The client should clear the application cache (settings page).
  • The application used to crash when there was an updated of room members meanwhile others members listing action.
  • Thread issue in MXFileStore.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.4.1 (2015-06-22)

  • Automatically resend failed medias.
Bug fixes:
  • The matrixMessagesFragment was not properly restarted after have been killed by a low memory.
  • The emotes were not properly displayed.
  • The dataHandler field was not set for "myUser" so displayName update was not properly managed.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.4.0 (2015-06-19)

The SDK and the console application are now split into two git projects. : The matrix SDK : The console application. Thus, it would be easier to implement a new application.

  • Move AutoScrollDownListView from console to the SDK.
  • Image resizing : use inSampleSize instead of decompressing the image in memory.
  • The image cache should not stored large and very large images.
  • Rotate image with exif if the device has enough memory.
  • Enable largeHeap to be able to manage large images.
  • Move ImageUtils from console to the SDK.
  • Each account has its own medias directory (except the member thumbnails).
  • Update the media file name computation to ensure its uniqueness.
  • The media download & upload progress is more linear.
  • Remove the presence and typing events while processing the first events request after application launch.
  • Add onLiveEventsChunkProcessed callback : it is triggered when a bunch of events is managed.
  • IconAndTextAdapter customization.
  • Add MXFileStore : The data is now saved in a filesystem cache. It improves the application launching time.

    The sent messages are also stored when the device is offline.

  • Add GCM registration to a third party server.

Bug fixes:
  • The media download could be stuck on bad/slow network connection.
  • On kitkat or above, the image thumbnails were not properly retrieved.
  • SYAND-80 : image uploading pie chart lies.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.3.1 (2015-04-24)


  • Move RoomSummaryAdapter from the application to the SDK.
  • Move RoomMembersAdapters from the application to the SDK..
  • Large file upload did not warn the user that the media was too large.
  • Do not restart the events listener each 10s if there is no available network. Wait that a network connection is retrieved.
  • Add multi-accounts management.
Bug fixes:
  • Some unsent messages were not properly automatically resent.
  • The content provider did not provide the mimetype.
  • The application used to randomly crashed on application when there was some network issues.
  • The duplicated member events were not removed;
  • Live state : the left/banned thumbnails were lost.
  • Join a room on the device did not warn the application when the initial sync was done.

Matrix Console

  • Re-order the room actions : move from a sliding menu to a standard menu.
  • Do not refresh the room when the application is in background to reduce battery draining.
  • The notice messages are merged as any other messages.
  • Re-order the members list (join first, invite, leave & ban).
  • Applications can share medias with Matrix Console with the "<" button.
  • Matrix console can share medias with third party applications like emails.
  • A message can be forwarded to an existing room or to a third party application.
  • The images are not anymore automatically saved when displayed in fullscreen : there is a new menu when tapping on the message. (The media mud have been downloaded once).
  • Add multi-accounts management. Create/Join a room require to select an account.
  • Some push notifications were not triggered when the application was in background.
Bug fixes:
  • A selected GIF image was transformed into a JPG one.
  • The room name was sometimes invalid when the user was invited.
  • SYAND-68 : No hint on display name in settings
  • SYAND-69 : Avatar section in settings
  • SYAND-71 : Cannot view message details of a join.
  • SYAND-72 When an user updates their avatar, the timeline event for the change should reflect the update.
  • The room cached data was not removed after leaving it.
  • The member display name did not include the matrix Id if several members have the same display name.
  • On some devices, invite members by matrix ID did not work properly because some spaces are automatically appended after a semicolon.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.3.0 (2015-04-10)


  • Any request is automatically resent until it succeeds (with a 3 minutes timeline).
  • Remove the dataHandler listeners when logging out to avoid getting unexpected callback call.

Matrix Console

  • Add the image watermarks
  • Display the members count in the members list.
  • Can invite several users from the known members list or from their user ids.
  • Hide the image icon until it is fully loaded.
  • Add the hardware search button management (e.g. motorola RAZR).
  • Improve many dialogs (room creation, invitation..).
  • Display leaving rooms.
  • Can send several files at once.
  • Make GCM receiver display notifications and move to own package.
  • Make RoomActivity start the event stream.
  • Add app-global GcmRegistrationManager to register for push services.
  • The bug report contains more details.
  • Add some sliding menus.
  • Include room name in message notifications.
  • Room name will be picked up if passed to GcmIntentService.
  • Add an inliner image preview before sending the message.
  • Ensure that the login parameters are only on one line.
  • Add basic support for Android Auto.
  • Remove tag from notifications (to maintain current behaviour on phones)
  • Scroll the history to the bottom when opening the keyboard.
  • Remove some tags in the logs to avoid displaying the accesstoken.
  • Supoort Android Lollipop.
  • Use the material design support.
  • Add the contacts support.
  • Manage the new push rules.
  • Factors the message adapter and fragments to be able to create some new ones without copying too many code.
Bug fixes:
  • SYAND-46 : Crash on launch on my S4 running Android 4.
  • SYAND-51 : New room subscription did not occur in android app.
  • SYAND-54 : Images should be available in gallery apps.
  • SYAND-55 : share multiple images at once.
  • SYAND-58 : scroll in "Invite known user”.
  • SYAND-60 : ” Leave room" should be renamed when you are the latest user in the room.
  • SYAND-62 : Android doesn't seem to specify width/height metadata for images it sends.
  • SYAND-64 : Room name on recents doesn't update.
  • SYAND-65 : Recent entries when leaving rooms
  • SYAND-66 : Auto-capitalisation is not turned on for the main text entry box.
  • SYAND-67 : Screen doesn't turn on for incoming messages.
  • The unread messages counter was invalid after leaving a room.
  • The client synchronisation was not properly managed when the account was shared on several devices.
  • Fix many application crashes while leaving a chat or logging out.
  • The room summaries were not properly sorted when a message sending failed.
  • Some images were partially displayed.
  • The emotes were drawn in magenta.
  • Stop the events thread asap when logging out and ignore received events.
  • Some unexpected typing events were sent.
  • The time zone updates were not properly managed.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.2.3 (2015-03-10)


Matrix Console

  • Avoid refreshing the home page when it is not displayed.
  • Display a piechart while uploading a media.
  • Refresh the display when some messages are automatically resent (after retrieving a data network connection for example).
  • Update the user rename message to be compliant with the web client.
  • Use the local media files instead of downloading them when they are acknowledged (messages sending).
  • Create a medias management class.
  • Display the offline status in the members list.
  • Avoid creating new homeActivity instance when joining a room from member details sheet.
  • The public rooms list are now saved in the bundle state : it should avoid having a spinner when rotated the device.
  • The animated GIFs are now supported.
  • Add the rate limits error management. The server could request to delay the messages sending because they were too many messages sent in a short time (to avoid spam).
  • Can take a photo to send it.
  • A chat room page is automatically paginated to fill. It used to get only the ten latest messages : it displayed half filled page on tablet.
  • Add the sending failure reason in the message details (long tap on a message, “Message details”).
  • The user is not anymore notified it the push rules are not fulfilled.
  • Add some room settings (Display all events, hide unsupported events, sort members by last seen time, display left members, display public rooms in the home page).
  • Add various accessibility tweaks.
Bug fixes:
  • The media downloads/uploads were sometimes stuck.
  • The private room creation was broken.
  • SYAND-33 : number of unread messages disappears when entering another room.
  • The RoomActivity creation used to crash when it was cancelled because the Room id param was not provided.
  • The client used to crash when the home server was invalid but started with http.
  • The account creation used to fail if the home server had a trailing slash.
  • SYAND-44 In progress text entry could be saved across crashes.
  • SYAND-38 Inline image viewer in Android app.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.2.2 (2015-02-27)


Matrix Console

  • Exif management : the uploaded image is rotated according to the exif metadata (if the device has enough free memory).
  • Add a piechart while downloading an image
  • Add JSON representation of a message (tap on its row, “Message details”
  • The public rooms list is now sorted according to the number of members.
  • Add configuration and skeleton classes for receiving GCM messages
  • Add REST client for pushers API with add method for HTTP pushers.
  • Add the account creation.
Bug fixes:
  • Reset the image thumbnail when a row is reused.
  • SYAND-30 Notification should be away when entering a room.
  • Some images thumbnails were downloaded several times.
  • Restore the foreground service
  • The medias cache was not cleared after logging out.
  • The client crashed when joining
  • SYAND-29 Messages in delivery status are not seen
  • Some user display names were their matrix IDs.
  • The room name/ topic were invalid when inviting to a room.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.2.1 (2015-02-20)


  • Add a network connection listener.
  • Unsent messages are automatically resent when a network connection is retrieved.

Matrix Console

  • There is no more alert dialog when receiving a new message. They are always displayed in the notifications list.
  • Tap on a member thumbnail opens a dedicated.
  • The message timestamps are always displayed. They used to be displayed/hidden when tapping on the other avatar side.
  • The unsent messages were not saved in the store when leaving a room view.
  • Display a spinner while joining / catching up a room.
  • Unsent images can now be resent. They used to be lost.
  • Add "mark all as read" button.
  • Can select text in a message.
  • A room is highlighted in blue if your display name is in the unread messages.
  • Add support to the identicon server (it displayed squared avatar when the member did not define one).
  • The notifications can be enlarged to display the message with more than one line.
  • Replace the notification icon by a matrix one.
  • Add the command lines support (see the settings page to have the available command list).
  • Add the typing notifications management.
  • SYAND-24 Respond to IMs directly from push.
Bug fixes:
  • The image upload failed when using G+-Photos app.
  • Correctly set Content-Length when uploading resource in ContentManager.
  • The user profile was never refreshed when opening the settings activity.
  • The push-rules were not refreshed when the application was debackgrounded.
  • The notice messages (e.g. “Bob left…”) are not anymore merged.
  • Unban was displayed instead of “kicked” in the notice events.
  • The room header was not refreshed when joining a room.
  • The notice events were not summarised in the recents view.
  • The image messages were not properly summarized in the recents.
  • Use scale instead of crop to request thumbnails from content API.
  • Size thumbnail in image message dependent on the size of the view.
  • Joining a room used to perform two or three sync requests.
  • The sound parameter of the push notifications was not managed.
  • SYAND-16 : No feedback when failing to login.
  • SYAND-19 : “My rooms” doesn’t display UTF-8 correctly
  • SYAND-25 : Issues showing the home screen with self-build android app.
  • SYAND-26 : can’t highlight words in message.

Changes in Matrix Android SDK in 0.2.0 (2015-02-09)


  • Added basic support for redacted messages.
  • Added bing rules support.

Matrix Console

  • Room messages are merged
  • The oneself messages are displayed at screen right side
  • The images are cached to improve UX.
  • Redacted messages support.
  • The rooms list displays the private and the public ones.
  • Can search a room by name.
  • The unread messages count are displayed.
  • Add rageshake to submit a bug report

Bug fixes: * SYAND-17 Crash on login on master