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1.8.1 (2019-04-17)


  • Fix issue where not supplying RoomUpgradeHandler would break incoming events
  • Handle more cases of userid encoding

1.8.0 (2019-03-15)


New RoomUpgradeHandler component to handle room upgrades. More information on this can be found in the

  • Fixed bug where the cli interface would incorrectly output to the log rather than to the console
  • Fixed bug where invites and bans would be used to determine if a user "exists", which is not reliable.
  • Bump matrix-js-sdk to 1.0.1

1.7.0 (2018-10-05)

** Breaking change**

MatrixUser now escapes user ids by default which means any user id not conforming to will have some characters converted to QP encoding. This is likely to break some store mappings as well as create escaped ghost users where previously invalid ids would have been accepted.


User ids are now escaped when using MatrixUser, see above.

Packages js-yaml, matrix-appservice, istanbul have been updated. jayschema was removed in favour of is-my-json-valid.

New component RoomLinkValidator can now parse rule files for linking rooms and abort a link that could potentially be problematic.

New component Logging is a simple wrapper around winston (which falls back to console) for more straight forward log management.

See the README and docs for more information about these components.

1.6.1 (2018-08-30)

Fix bug where age counters would overwrite it's parameter for periods.

1.6.0 (2018-08-23)

Some Intent operations now cache requests that would otherwise fall through to the homeserver which can be expensive. This is configurable for Intents via the opts.caching.ttl and size options.

AgeCounters now allow you to set your own time period buckets.

Added a new function Intent.getEvent which will fetch events from the homeserver without any context information, which should be quick.

MembershipCache is now exposed to let folks read and write to the cache while also letting the bridge access it.

a release: Fix issue where roomState would fail. b release: Fix issue where we were calling this.intent inside intent like fools! c release: Fix issue where some stole js-sdk code was not checked thoroughly.

1.5.0 (2018-07-25)

Updated matrix-js-sdk and matrix-appservice-node to latest versions.

The bridge now depends on prom-client.

When _ensureRegistered fails, we now reject the Promise with the error unless the user is in use (M_USER_IN_USE). This means that most intent functions will reject if the user fails to be registered. This may break your bridge, so please be aware of it.

Created and exposed the membership cache through MembershipCache so bridge developers may optionally setup the bridge any previous state they may be aware of.

Membership is automatically passed to the MembershipCache when getJoinedMembers is called so that we don't needlessly join rooms. Registration is also cached now so that we do not try to register users we are aware of through membership.

Deprecated getMemberLists as it relied on /sync which is no longer allowed in the client-server API for appservices. This will now throw an Error instead.

Exposed isRemoteUser (_isRemoteUser is still present for backwards compat).

New setPresence function on Intent for setting presence, can now disable presence on the bridge via the bridge config.

Enable the default process-wide metrics in prom-client

a release: Fixes enablePresence being off by default

1.4.0 (2017-05-08)

Added dontJoin option to Intent class for use when the bridge is maintaining its own membership state for each user.

Share data structures created by Intent objects when accessed via the Bridge class. This reduces memory usage and CPU usage as only 1 map needs to be updated when new member/power level events are received, rather than N maps (where N is the number of Intent objects).

Cull Intent objects which are accessed via Bridge.getIntent after an eviction period. This reduces memory usage.

a release: Bugfixes whereby the bot Intent could forget its state.

1.3.7 (2017-03-02)

Allow the default SUCCESS/FAILED log lines to be turned off via opts.logRequestOutcome.

1.3.6 (2017-01-17)

Fixed a bug in the Intent class which could cause message sending to fail with M_FORBIDDEN errors due to not being joined to the room. The class now handles this case and will join the room before resending the message.

1.3.5 (2017-01-04)

Specify a localTimeoutMs of 2 minutes for every outbound HTTP request to prevent connections from wedging if a response is never returned.

1.3.4 (2016-12-15)

Added AppServiceBot function getJoinedRooms for getting a list of joined room IDs for the AS bot and function getJoinedMembers for getting a map of joined user IDs for the given room ID. The values in the map are with a display_name and avatar_url properties.

Switched the prometheus metrics from using the prometheus-client library to the prom-client library.

Added PrometheusMetrics functions addTimer and startTimer for manipulating timer metrics for the bridge.

Bumped matrix-org/matrix-js-sdk dependency from 0.5.3 to 0.7.2. See the matrix-js-sdk changelog

1.3.3 (2016-11-24)

Metrics.js has been refactored from matrix-appservice-{slack,gitter} to this repo. Bridge intent objects and Matrix client API calls are now counted as part of the new metrics functionality.

Added RoomBridgeStore function removeEntriesByRemoteId to remove entries in the DB with a given remote ID.

Added StateLookup function untrackRoom to stop further tracking of state events in a given room and delete existing stored state for it.

Use r0/sync rather than v1/initialSync for AppServiceBot function getMemberLists. A filter has also been added to limit the number events sent across.

1.3.2 (2016-10-25)

Bump dependency on matrix-org/matrix-appservice-node from 0.3.1 to 0.3.3. See the matrix-appservice-node changelog.

1.3.1 (2016-10-19)

Third Party Lookup:

  • 3PL/3PU lookups now return lists instead of individual results
  • Reverse lookups now possible

Added Intent function sendReadReceipt

ContentRepo now exported as pass-through from matrix-js-sdk.

1.3.0 (2016-09-09)

Improved queueing of pending messages to send to the homeserver to store one queue per destination room. This stops large amounts of traffic to a busy room from holding up traffic on other rooms.

Added a getProfileInfo method on user intent objects to wrap the corresponding matrix-js-sdk client method.

Added a convenience in the bridge controller to wrap the new /thirdparty API.

1.2.1 (2016-08-08)

Increased the default dependency of the JS SDK to 0.5.3. This is to allow file uploads to work correctly.

1.2.0 (2016-07-26)

Added new RoomBridgeStore methods: getEntriesByLinkData and removeEntriesByLinkData. See docs for function signatures and usage.

1.1.1 (2016-07-11)

Added a new component: StateLookup. Added a new Bridge callback: onAliasQueried(alias, roomId).

1.0.1 (2016-06-21)

Added disableContext option to the Bridge class.

1.0.0 (2016-06-17)

Modify the internal storage format of RoomBridgeStore. Change the public API of RoomBridgeStore to reflect the new storage format.

This is a backwards-incompatible database format change. If you wish to upgrade from a 0.x version, you will need to write a script to upgrade your database.

The storage format has been changed to improve performance when querying room mappings.

0.3.7 (2016-06-14)

Reduced the number of queries run when store methods are called. Added new batch functions to reduce database queries at the application level.

0.3.6 (2016-06-07)

The bridge library will now use r0 /register. Due to bugs inside Synapse, this means the minimum supported Synapse version is 0.15.0-rc1 and above.

0.3.5 (2016-04-14)

Fixed an issue where the bridge library would attempt to use v1 APIs on r0 paths. This was caused by increasing the matrix-js-sdk dependency which now defaults to r0 paths. Fixed various matrix-js-sdk breaking API changes such as the change to the register() function.

The bridge library still uses v1 /initialSync.

0.3.4 (2016-04-14)

Fixed a critical bug which would prevent the callback for HTTP requests from firing if the request returned a network error such as ECONNRESET. This affected all users of ClientFactory who attached a logging function via setLogFunction.

0.3.3 (2016-04-12)

Increased the default matrix-js-sdk dependency used by ClientFactory to 0.4.1.

0.3.2 (2016-03-18)

Improved JSDoc on various functions to clear up ambiguity. In addition:

Changes on the Intent class:

  • Fixed a bug which could cause createRoom to fail if the Intent was scoped to the bot user.
  • Add intent option dontCheckPowerLevel to skip checking the required power level before sending events.
  • Added getClient() to retrieve the underlying MatrixClient instance.
  • Added createAlias(alias, roomId).

Changes on the Bridge class:

  • Modified the default request error callback to always log 'FAILED'.
  • Added loadDatabases() which can be invoked prior to run() for bridge setup.
  • Expose Intent constructor options in the bridge opts.

Changes on the MatrixUser class:

  • Added get(key) and set(key, val) to allow arbitrary data to be stored on Matrix users.

Changes on the RoomBridgeStore class:

  • Added unlinkByData()
  • Added the concept of "Link Keys" to clobber links based on something other than the tuple of the room IDs.

Changes on the UserBridgeStore class:

  • Added getByMatrixData().

0.3.1 (2016-03-07)

Dependency on matrix-appservice was bumped to fix a critical bug.

0.3.0 (2016-03-03)

BREAKING CHANGE : An id field is required by all registration files as a result of bumping the dependency of matrix-appservice to 0.3.0.

0.1.5 (2016-01-29)

Added the following Bridge function:

  • Bridge.getClientFactory()

Do not log values returned by resolved Requests, only on errors.

0.1.4 (2016-01-28)

Adjusted the promise returned by the event listener the Bridge class attaches to AppService. This is mainly for testing purposes.

0.1.3 (2016-01-27)

More functions/options have been added to the Cli class:

  • enableLocalpart: Set true to enable the --localpart [-l] flag.
  • The CLI flag --file [-f] has been added. This represents the location of the registration file.
  • The run() function now includes the loaded AppServiceRegistration instance as an argument.

Bug fixes on the Cli class:

  • When generateRegistration is called, this is now bound to the Cli instance.

0.1.2 (2015-10-05)

Implement the affectsRegistration option on Cli.

0.1.1 (2015-09-17)

Added a HOW-TO.


  • Added a utility method Bridge.getIntentFromLocalpart.
  • Intent instances will now ensure that the user is registered.
  • AppServiceRegistration from matrix-appservice is now exported on matrix-appservice-bridge so end-developers don't need to npm install matrix-appservice.

Breaking changes:

  • Changed the function signature of Cli.generateRegistration - the first arg is now an AppServiceRegistration and not a String.


  • First release
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