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Matrix IRC Bridge

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This is an IRC bridge for Matrix. If you're upgrading from an old release, be sure to read the CHANGELOG as there may be breaking changes between releases.

This bridge will pass all IRC messages through to Matrix, and all Matrix messages through to IRC. It is highly configurable and is currently used on the homeserver to bridge a number of popular IRC networks.

We maintain a list of bridged IRC networks here.

What does it do?

On startup, the bridge will join Matrix clients to the IRC channels specified in the configuration file. It will then listen for incoming IRC messages and forward them through to Matrix rooms Each real Matrix user is represented by an IRC client, and each real IRC client is represented by a Matrix user. Full two-way communication in channels and PMs are supported, along with a huge array of customisation options.


To learn how to use the bridge, see our usage guide.

Setting up your own bridge

You will need a Matrix homeserver to run this bridge. Any homeserver that supports the AS API should work.

See the getting started docs for instructions on how to set up the bridge.


See the sample config file for an explanation of the configuration options available.


Documentation can be found on GitHub Pages.

You can build the documentaion yourself by:

# Ensure that Rust is installed on your system.
# cargo install mdbook
mdbook build
sensible-browser book/index.html


Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for information on contributing.