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@Half-Shot Half-Shot released this Nov 29, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

0.14.0-rc1 (2019-11-29)


  • The project now uses Typescript for its source code. (#808)
  • Add support for PostgreSQL (#815)
  • Add migration script for migrating NeDB databases to PostgreSQL. (#816)
  • Add config option excludedUsers to exclude users from bridging by regex. (#820)
  • Support room upgrades on PostgreSQL. (#824)
  • Delay ident responses until pending clients have connected. Thanks to @heftig for the initial PR. (#825)
  • Allow admins to specify a bind port and/or hostname in the config. (#857)
  • When !storepass is called, reconnect the user to ensure the password is set. (#864)
  • Track last seen times of users between restarts (#876)
  • Add dry run mode to the debugApi /reapUsers command. (#879)
  • The bridge now supports error tracing via sentry (#897)


  • Inviting the bridge bot to an existing bridged room will no longer cause the room to be bridged as an admin room. Invites must also use is_direct. (#846)
  • Fix counter for leaving users. (#855)
  • Replace calls to /state with more efficient calls, where possible. (#865)
  • Topic changes from Matrix no longer cause a ghost user to join the room. (#866)
  • Ensure bot clients stay connected after being disconnected. (#867)
  • Fix issue where the internal ipv6 counter would not be correctly set (#873)
  • Fix bug where users could not store or remove their password (#874)
  • Fix a bug where users could not generate registration files (#875)
  • Fix uploaded long message URL's not sent to IRC side. (#889)
  • Debug API is now correctly enabled on startup (#893)
  • Quit the app with exitcode 1 if it fails to start (#894)
  • The !storepass command now reconnects users with their new password. (#900)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Statsd is deprecated in this release, and will be removed in the next. Users are encouraged to use prometheus instead, which has richer logging capabilites. (#837)
  • Remove warnings/hacks around config.appservice. Users should have upgraded to the new format by now. (#849)

Internal Changes

  • Refactor Datastore for Typescript (#809)
  • Add linting support for Typescript files. (#810)
  • Fatal exceptions are now logged to stdout in addition to logs. (#812)
  • Refactor Datastore code to be more generic. (#814)
  • Move schema.yml from /lib/config to / (#819)
  • Use Towncrier for changelog management (#821)
  • Internal conversions of model classes to Typescript (#822)
  • Convert ClientPool and associated dependencies to Typescript (#826)
  • Convert logging to Typescript (#827)
  • Convert DebugApi to Typescript (#829)
  • Typescriptify QuitDebouncer (#830)
  • Typescriptify BridgedClient and dependencies (#831)
  • Convert generator and formatter functions to Typescript (#832)
  • Typescriptify IrcEventBroker (#833)
  • Use seperate DBs for each integration test. (#834)
  • Typescriptify IrcBridge (#836)
  • Typescriptify irc syncer classes (#839)
  • Do not call keepalive() callbacks if the user doesn't need to be kept alive. (#844)
  • Typescriptify matrix handler class (#845)
  • Remove crc and prom-client packages. (#846)
  • Swap to using promises over timers for queuing messages on IRC connections. (#848)
  • Typescriptify irc handler class (#850)
  • Updates to Dockerfile to add multiple stages and support Typescript (#853)
  • Rewrite provisioner/* in Typescript (#861)
  • Refactor bot command handling into own class. (#863)
  • Move some IRC specific functions from IrcBridge to ClientPool (#877)
  • Use the DB to prefill some membership caches, reducing the number of HTTP calls made and speeding up bridge startup. (#881)
  • Room directory visibility state for bridged rooms is now cached in the database (#882)
  • Gracefully close irc connections on SIGTERM (#895)
  • Log when a newly discovered irc user's profile is updated. (#896)
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