Matrix Application Service framework in Node.js
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This is a Matrix Application Service framework written in Node.js.

This can be used to quickly setup performant application services for almost anything you can think of in a web framework agnostic way.

To create an app service registration file:

var AppServiceRegistration = require("matrix-appservice").AppServiceRegistration;

// creating registration files
var reg = new AppServiceRegistration();
reg.addRegexPattern("users", "@.*", true);
reg.setProtocols(["exampleservice"]); // For 3PID lookups

You only need to generate a registration once, provided the registration info does not change. Once you have generated a registration, you can run the app service like so:

var AppService = require("matrix-appservice").AppService;
// listening
var as = new AppService({
  homeserverToken: "abcd653bac492087d3c87"
as.on("", function(event) {
  // handle the incoming message
as.onUserQuery = function(userId, callback) {
  // handle the incoming user query then respond
  console.log("RECV %s", userId);
// can also do this as a promise
as.onAliasQuery = function(alias) {
    // Needs a promise lib e.g.  var q = require("q");
    var defer = q.defer();
    // do stuff
    return defer.promise;

TLS Connections

If MATRIX_AS_TLS_KEY and MATRIX_AS_TLS_CERT environment variables are defined and point to valid tls key and cert files, the AS will listen using an HTTPS listener.

API Reference

A hosted API reference can be found on GitHub Pages.