Matrix Documentation (including The Spec)
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This repository contains the documentation for Matrix.


  • api : Contains the HTTP API specification.
  • attic: Contains historical sections of specification for reference purposes.
  • changelogs: Contains change logs for the various parts of the specification.
  • drafts: Previously, contained documents which were under discussion for future incusion into the specification and/or supporting documentation. This is now historical, as we use separate discussion documents (see CONTRIBUTING.rst).
  • event-schemas: Contains the JSON Schema for all Matrix events contained in the specification, along with example JSON files.
  • meta: Contains documents outlining the processes involved when writing documents, e.g. documentation style, guidelines.
  • scripts: Contains scripts to generate formatted versions of the documentation, typically HTML.
  • specification: Contains the specification split up into sections.
  • supporting-docs: Contains additional documents which explain design decisions, examples, use cases, etc.
  • templating: Contains the templates and templating system used to generate the spec.


Known issues with the specification are represented as JIRA issues at

If you want to ask more about the specification, join us on

If you would like to contribute to the specification or supporting documentation, see CONTRIBUTING.rst.